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Save on the Perfect Portable Fire Pit for Your Backyard

A mobile, efficient fire pit to deck out your backyard for this fall. And now, nearly as cheap as a Solo Stove gets.

fire pit

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Though there is a degree of satisfaction in a fire you build piece-by-piece, Solo Stove’s portable fire pits make a backyard burn a lot simpler.

It’s as tall as your forearm and as wide as your computer monitor and as heavy as a beagle, and it saves you time spent clearing a space for a fire, tending to a fire and cleaning up that space the following morning. It also isn’t gaudy, unlike many home fire pits out there, making it perfectly capable to throw down in your backyard. Holes in the base and top of the pit allow air to reach the fire and feed a hotter, more consistent blaze. The higher heat and superior ventilation also cut down on smoke, so you’re less likely to have your neighbors call the cops on you.

Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit w/ Stand

Right now, all of Solo Stove's fire pits and fire stands are on sale. The Solo Stove Ranger + Stand is the most compact and portable version and a great option for the backyard or camping. And it's on sale for just $250 — 22 percent off its usual price. Additionally, the Bonfire + Stand offers the biggest savings at $130 off, good for a 31 percent discount.

Considering you also get free shipping, picking up a Solo Stove is one of the top deals to snag if you're looking for a backyard upgrade as we head into fall.

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