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One of the Best Office Chairs on the Planet Is Almost $500 off

The Gesture office chair from Steelcase is one of the best office chairs you can buy, and today it’s on sale at Amazon.

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Office furniture and Steelcase may as well be synonymous. The company may not be the maker of the office chair (by most accounts, that would be Herman Miller’s Aeron), but its Gesture seating was — and still is — a game-changer.

Gesture was released seven years ago and represented something of a shift in how Steelcase viewed products for office use. Mostly, it showed the company understood the office worker of real life is not an android — more simply, people naturally slouch, bend, lean and sit on chairs how they please, not how models in a showroom might.

The 106-year-old company embarked on a mission to figure out how the common folk sit and, after a survey of over 2,000 office employees across six continents, it decided it better for the chair to match the man than the man to match the chair.

Steelcase Gesture Chair

Steelcase amazon.com

Ergonomic office chairs strive to maintain contact with as much as the seated person’s body as possible — this ensures the body isn’t holding itself up or tensing the muscles any more than it needs to. The Gesture chair is shaped and structured exactly for this and it doesn’t drop when leaning back, as most passively ergonomic chairs will — another common contact breakpoint. The arms adjust up and down, like many chairs do, but also in and out, which cuts back on the user leaning over and putting stress on their neck.

We consider the Gesture the Best Upgrade Office Chair thanks to its ability to be adjustable for anyone and still be comfortable, as well as the premium materials it uses.

The gist is it’s built to automatically adjust to you and how you sit at different points in the day at work, and today it is $496 off its retail price — rounding out to $928 (down from $1,425)


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