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This Sous Vide Is Idiot Proof and Cheaper than Ever

Buy it, fill a pot with water, click a button on your phone and make cheap food taste delicious.


I’ve been using ChefSteps’s Joule sous vide for a couple months now, and I feel confident in saying it’s as simple and effective as it gets. It’s also at its most affordable price ever.

Link it up to an app on your phone that spells out what you need to do, how and when in a straightforward, no bullshit manner. Pick what you want to sous vide, select the “doneness” you want it brought to (choose from a series of photos, no need to remember temperatures), fill a pot with water and go. It will set the timer, temperature and cook process automatically and let you know on your phone when it’s done.

If you’re looking for a way to get big, chewy cuts of meat to fall apart tender, there are few easier options. The Joule sous vide is down to $129 for Prime Day.

Buy Now: $179 $129

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