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These Lodge Cast-Iron Skillets Are Cheaper than Ever

The easiest cookware purchasing decision of your Prime Day is this trio of Lodge cast-iron skillets.


If you’ve ever wanted cast-iron skillets but didn’t feel like paying a fair price for them, this is your moment.

A set of three skillets — 12-, 10- and 8-inch — usually sells for $65 which, frankly, is already pretty easy to swallow. During Prime Day, the set is just $51 for all three.

For those not privy to cast-iron cookware’s benefits, here’s what you’re in for: superior searing, culinary versatility and baking prowess. Cleaning cast iron is really not that difficult and shouldn’t be made a big deal of (same with seasoning). After you’ve finished cooking get everything you can off the skillet using a wooden spoon or paper towel, make sure it’s bone dry, wipe a very thin layer of oil down and toss it in the oven on high for an hour or more. This doesn’t even have to be done every time you cook with it.

Lodge’s trio of skillets equips you with every size of skillet needed when building out your cookware cabinet, but if you don’t feel you need all three, each is discounted as a standalone product as well — the 8-inch ($11) and the 10-inch ($15) are both discounted as well (the 12-inch appears to be its regular price).

Buy Now: $65 $51

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