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These Roomba Vacuums Might Be Cheap Enough to Warrant Buying One

iRobot’s Roomba vacuum is still probably the best robo-vacuum you can buy, and today its price is a bit less terrifying. It’s $120 off.


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A company that names itself iRobot is bound to be up to no good. Namely, by making very expensive robot vacuums.

Roomba vacuums have a reputation for excellent performance — they connect with Alexa, they map out the rooms they’re tasked with cleaning and they take note of shifts in floor surface material. But, seeing as most hover around $350 or way, way higher, they also have a reputation for laughably high prices. Today, that this issue is taken care of (somewhat).

The Roomba 671 model is $120 off today, good for 34 percent off.

Buy Now: $350 $230

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