The Most Beautiful Skillets We’ve Used Are Cheaper Than Ever

Blanc Creatives carbon steel is award-winning, gorgeous, useful and will last a lifetime.


Out of Charlottesville, Virginia, Blanc Creatives doesn’t deal in your run-of-the-mill cookware. The carbon-steel skillets that made its name are machine-punched then worked into shape via hammer and anvil, and they typically come at a premium. Today, though, the 13-inch skillet (the largest of Blanc’s skillet options) is discounted lower than we’ve ever seen it — 25 percent off, good for $70 less than normal.

Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of or cooked on carbon steel — most other people haven’t either. The gist is that it cooks like cast-iron cookware, but it’s stronger, lighter and more capable of becoming a true non-stick surface (a bit more on that here).

Blanc Creatives’s 13-inch skillet is $70 off on Kauffmann Mercantile right now.

Buy Now: $280 $210

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