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Why Chefs Dig These $2.75 Veggie Peelers

These amazing vegetable peelers are as essential as they are cheap, and today they’re even cheaper.


There’s a certain joy in discovering the best version of a product is also the cheapest (non-stick cookware, for instance), and that is certainly the case with kitchen peelers. Switzerland’s Kuhn Rikon makes a Y-shaped peeler with a carbon steel blade that is considered the best kitchen peeler you can buy, and it’s about as close to true internet consensus as you can get.

The Swiss Peeler comes recommended by gear testers (all of which consulted responses, questions and experiences from professional chefs) from Wirecutter, Cook’s Illustrated, The Strategist, Serious Eats, yours truly and more. It accomplishes what it needs to, quells common peeler problems and is, at most, $3.50 a peeler (it’s on sale today for $2.75).

In short, because of a swiveling blade it adjusts to the natural curves of the food you peel, and because that blade is split down the middle it acts as both its own guide (the front of the blade) and edge to remove skin. The space between the both blade edges is also such that food can easily pass through, so clogging is at an all-time low. Another small but impactful difference between the Swiss Peeler and most of its competition is a very tiny elevated area around the blades which, according to Cook’s Illustrated, reduces how much of the food touches the blade, which reduces friction, which allows the blade to “glide like butter.”

It is worth noting that because the blade is carbon steel instead of the more standard stainless steel, it can’t be machine washed or left to soak in the sink (it will rust very quickly if you do this). Instead, wash briefly with soap and water and towel dry.

A three-pack of Kuhn Rikon’s Swiss Peelers is on sale on Amazon today at a modest 38 percent discount (a couple bucks off, basically).

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