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My New Favorite Water Bottle Is Collapsible, and on Sale

I’ve had the same stainless steel water bottle for ten years, and HydraPak’s collapsible Stash bottle might have just replaced it.


When it comes to the essentials, I can be somewhat unyielding. When I find something that works, I stick to it. For example, I kept the same paperback-sized wallet for nearly ten years, until it fell apart. The same is true for my water bottle. I have water bottles of all shapes and sizes — insulated, non-insulated, 16-ounce, 24-ounce, one-liter — but my favorite is a 40-ounce stainless steel one that’s covered in dents and stickers, which I’ve owned since 2010. It’s rolled down rock faces, was once almost confiscated at a soccer game in Spain and I’ve had to replace the lid, but it still holds water in addition to all that nostalgia. I never thought that the closest contender for its replacement would be a collapsible bottle.

I stumbled across HydraPak’s one-liter Stash bottle accidentally, and wrote it off, as I do many bottles that aren’t made of stainless steel or durable plastic, as a gimmick — it gets big, it gets small; why do I need that? But the cocktail party effect triggered and I began to notice HydraPak everywhere — its high-quality hydration reservoirs are used by Osprey, Patagonia, Arc’teryx, Salomon and many more. They’re built with more functions than you’d expect a reservoir to have, like a locking baffle that expands its volume capacity or detracts for stabilization.

The reservoirs impressed me enough to see if, by chance, a collapsible bottle might be something worth investing in. To get right to the point, it was. I realized all of the bottle’s benefits on my first outing with it, a ski tour in the northern end of Grand Teton National Park. For one, the Stash’s flexible body is BPA- and PFC-free, a fact I took comfort in as I filled it. Secondly, its construction is sound: the elastic sides are connected to a hard plastic top and bottom that are scalloped and ridged so that bottle snaps shut into a tiny disc when it’s empty. It isn’t rigid like some other collapsible models, but that doesn’t make drinking from it sloppy (unless you’re careless; all you have to do is use one hand to tilt the bottom).

The main draw with the stash is that it’s light — about three times as light as my stainless steel bottle — and once it’s empty it doesn’t take up its full volume in my backpack. It hasn’t replaced my old bottle, but it’s become a go-to sub for high exertion activities when every ounce makes a difference. I’ve since picked up some of HydraPak’s other water storage products for camping and have been equally impressed.

Right now, the Stash is available in a bundle with HydraPak’s even more collapsible Stow bottle for 29 percent off at Massdrop. It’s not a massive discount, but notable in that it applies to something that I believe is well worth its full value.

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