Select Martenero Watches Are 15% Off

NYC-based Martenero makes some of our favorite affordable mechanical watches, many of which are on sale for $15 off.


Finding an affordable mechanical watch has been much easier with the recent advent of smaller boutique watch brands that have been popping up the world-over during the last few years. One of our favorite of the American so-called “microbrands” is Martenero, founded by NYC-based John Tarantino. Martenero’s designs are clean and sleek with just the right pop of color, and right now you can get several of their models for 15% off.

Though the brand’s newest model, the Edgemere Reserve, isn’t included in the sale, it’s already available at quite a discount via its preorder ($529 down from $695). However, you can grab the 42mm Kerrison (normally $595) in four colorways, the 42mm Marquis (normally $595) in three colorways, the 38mm Ace (normally $495) in 3 colorways and the 38mm Founder (normally $495) in four colorways.

Though the original Edgemere and the Ascent are unfortunately sold out, there’s a whole host of beautiful designs in different dial colors to choose from (the Kerrison, in particular, is one one of our favorites for office wear).

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