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Save 50% on an Accessory Every Hiker Should Have

With a year-long membership, you can access thousands of maps no matter where you want to hike.


If you hike, you already know you need a map to get around. While a paper map is ideal — there’s never a concern about service going in and out when you have a physical copy — sometimes there’s no time to grab one before you head to the mountain. If that’s the case, an AllTrails membership is advisable. The app crowdsources trail maps, reviews and photos from a community of over nine million. Download and print the plans for use offline, plus take advantage of the safety feature, Lifelife. Set up five contacts that will follow along with your hiking adventure, so you have a backup safety base in case something goes wrong. While you’ll need a connection to hook everything up initially, you can check in at certain spots to let your family and friends know you’re okay.

The annual pro subscription, which lets you download and print maps for offline use, is now 50-percent off and down to just $15. Use code GIVE-THANKS at checkout to save. If you hike more than once a year, this is a no-brainer.

Buy Now: $30 $15

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