Take 15% Off Today Only At DC Vintage Watches

If you’re a vintage watch guy (and especially a vintage Seiko guy), then you can’t afford to ignore this sale from DC Vintage Watches.


Not every watch guy is a vintage watch guy, and not every vintage watch guy is a vintage Seiko guy, but it’s just about impossible to deny that vintage Seikos are tremendous values. Seikos produced in the ’60s and ’70s featured colorful dials and interesting complications, and many of them can be had for a relative bargain when compared with their Swiss counterparts.

DC Vintage Watches, established in 2012, sells some awesome mechanical watches from these eras, and Seikos especially (though there are some vintage Swiss timepieces and some awesome stopwatches thrown in for good measure). If you’ve been looking to get into vintage Seiko but aren’t sure where to begin, or you’ve been waiting for a bargain, then today’s your lucky day: Use the code “BLACKFRIAY” at checkout to take 15% off storewide inventory.

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