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This Is the Best New Mattress of 2018 and It’s $675 Off Today

Boll & Branch’s approach to direct-to-consumer bedding expanded to the bed itself this year, and even at nearly $2,000 this thing is an absolute steal.


Competing against an ocean of look-a-like direct-to-consumer brands, Boll & Branch is something of an exception. The company doesn’t advertise on subways and public transit, and you won’t see people call it the “Warby Parker of…” something. It’s just a good company that makes really, really good products (like its percale sheet set, which are the best percale sheets we’ve tested).

In the middle of October, the bedding company expanded into the weird and confusing world of mattresses with a product that fits its quality-over-hype aesthetic. The Boll & Branch mattress is not made of memory foam, it does not arrive at your door in a freakishly small box and it is not incredibly cheap. It is a spring mattress that’s made by hand to order and delivered to your door by real humans. And, though it came out just over a month ago, it’s 25 percent off today — good for a fat $675 off.

This is the first time it’s been on sale, and while not at all a no-brainer purchase, the value is there.

Made completely in the US, the mattress is comprised of five layers: a wool-poly topper, a thin layer of graphite-infused latex foam (graphite is often used in firefighting equipment because of its heat-sinking properties), another thin layer of latex for motion dampening, a bunch of really small coils for more motion dampening and basic support and a big layer of foundational coils that provides the mattress its structure. There’s also a nifty outer ring of stiffer coils that helps keep you from falling off the bed (if that’s a problem) and it comes with a solid 10-year warranty.

There are more things to talk about — the benefits of classic spring mattresses, the lack of glue in its construction, why mattresses rolled up into a box can be pretty bad, etc. — but the gist is this: Boll & Branch’s mattress is legit.

Buy Now: $2,500 $1,825

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