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The Best Stainless Steel Skillet Ever Made Is on Sale Today

The legendary All-Clad D3 Fry Pan is marked down $15 right now.


All-Clad has held the crown as the world’s best maker of stainless steel cookware since its founding in 1971. Its line of pots and pans is vast, filled out with unknowable product acronyms like D5, D5 Armor, C4 and MC2 LTD. The first set the Pennsylvania company ever made, however, is still the best ever.

All-Clad’s D3 line is made by bonding a top and bottom layer of stainless steel to an aluminum alloy middle layer. This makes for a light pan that heats more quickly than a fully stainless steel pan; it’s also safe to cook on without fear of metal leaching into food. In recent years, the D3 has received helpful upgrades like a steeper handle for easier tossing and extra aluminum in the core for faster heating (and for use on induction cooktops).

Today on Massdrop, the D3 12-inch fry pan — the most-recommended member of the D3 line — is a few bucks cheaper. It should be noted that Massdrop lists its retail price at $160, which is well above the $120 is usually sells for. All the same, $15 off the best stainless steel fry pan money can buy isn’t too bad.

Buy Now: $120 $105

A note on Massdrop:
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