Upgrade Your Sports Hydration with This Exclusive Sale

The Feed’s team of experts chooses and tests every single one of the products it carries to deliver a tailored sports nutrition program just for you.


Since 2014, The Feed has helped over 100,000 athletes dial in their sports nutrition programs. The Feed sources its curated picks from an expert group –including a highly-successful Tour de France team, a professional runner with a 3:56 mile time, former Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn’s coach and many more. And this group of coaches, athletes and nutritionists test every single one of the products The Feed carries, sourcing from over 150 brands in the sports science industry.

This includes the best hydration products from brands like Maurten, Skratch Labs, Nuun, INFINIT, Fluid and more. Hydrating better is the number one thing every athlete can do to improve their workouts. Give your hydration game the upgrade it needs and check out The Feed for the best possible way to fuel your pursuits.

The Feed is having an exclusive Gear Patrol 20 percent off sale on all hydration products through the link below. Plus, The Feed is also offering a FREE $10 Specialized Purist bottle with every order over $10.

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