An Overlooked Upgrade Every Serious Griller Deserves

Finding the right carving set is a strangely personal quest. Our advice?

Chandler Bondurant

There are plenty of ways to upgrade your grilling experience beyond buying a new grill. That’s why we’ve grilled pro chefs about their go-to accessories and received advice on everything from propane torches and gourmet charcoal to electric firestarters and whole hog pits. But what about a basic carving set? The consensus here is much harder to come by, especially when every grill maker out there is pushing their in-house wares.

So when it came to researching relevant grilling stock for our store, trusting the quality of a brand like Opinel, the iconic French company whose manufactured blades since 1890, was an easy call.

As with most things they make, the value proposition is strong. The Opinel Carving Fork costs just $35 and features maintenance-free chromium enhanced stainless steel fork and molded fiberglass handle that’s natural to hold. The brand’s multipurpose knife trio set is a similar story. The $150 kit includes a chef’s knife, carving knife and paring knife, all made from 2C27 Sandvik Stainless Steel steel with a carbon content of at least 0.40% for a super sharp cutting edge.

Together, you’ll find everything you need to prepare your grilling efforts for serving. Given the season, our existing stock is in limited quantities, so if you’re looking to upgrade, don’t get sold out.

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