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All the Deals You Might Have Missed This Week

These are all the deals you might have missed this week.


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Todd Snyder x Timex Military Watch
Save 25%: Another Todd Snyder x Timex collaboration, another home run. This watch (available in 3 colors) sports a slim profile, a highly-legible dial, a reliable quartz movement and 1970s military-inspired cues with just enough modern styling to take it over the top. It even comes with an extra NATO strap in the box, so you can change up the look without laying out more cash. If you’ve been looking for a go-anywhere, do-anything watch, now’s your chance — pick one of these up while they’re on sale! — Andy Frakes

Buy Now: $138 $103


Mophie Powerstation 6,000mAh
Save $45: Mophie’s 6,000mAh universal battery isn’t the fanciest smartphone accessory, but it’s a great portable battery for most people to carry. It can add two additional charges to most smartphones; it has two USB-A charging ports so it can charge two devices at once; and it’s small enough to fit in your pants’ pocket. Best of all, the normally $50 portable battery is only $5 right now on eBay. That’s half as expensive as a New York City lunch. Expect this deal to go fast.

Buy Now: $50 $5


Epic Bars Sale
Save 45%:Today, you can save up to 45 percent off a variety of Epic products from meat bars to bacon bits to bone broth. Whether you’re more of a chicken or a steak guy, the Epic meat bars are a savory and protein-packed snack to stock up on. Epic makes some of our favorite beef jerky, and we have to admit the bars are just as good. Stash a bar in your gym bag, climbing sack or hiking pack, then hit the road. Shop the sale on Thrive today. — Meg Lappe

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Polarized Ray-Ban Wayfarers
Save 55%:In the world of sunglasses, it doesn’t get much more iconic than a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers. First released in 1956, the design has hardly changed in over half a century. If you’ve been wanting the style, but the list price is more than you want to spend, Nordstrom Rack has you covered; you can get a pair of $188 Wayfarers in either black or Havana for just $80. What’s more, these Italian-made shades also come with polarized lenses to protect your eyes all summer long — hard to beat that.. — John Zientek

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Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer Sleeping Bag
Save $136: Mountain Hardwear debuted the Ghost Whisperer in 2012. The ultralight down jacket that weighs 7.8 ounces was the product of a collaboration with Swiss mountaineer Ueli Steck, who was an advocate for the fast-and-light approach to mountaineering. Despite its lightness, the jacket is windproof, water-resistant and warm. These same characteristics are present in the Ghost Whisperer Sleeping Bag, which Mountain Hardwear released last year in 20- and 40-degree versions. The bags are stuffed with water-resistant Q.Shield 900-fill down and feature super-light Whisperer exterior fabric, cinching mummy-style hoods and specially-designed no-snag zippers.

The 40-degree Ghost Whisperer sleeping bag, which is currently available at Mountain Steals with a 27 percent discount — that’s $136 off — is the lighter of the two and the perfect sleeping bag for warm summer nights. — Tanner Bowden

Buy Now: 430 294


Panasonic ER-GB80-S Trimmer
Save 40%: If you needed an excuse to get on top of your grooming routine, the looming onset of beach season might do the trick. And for trimming anything from your beard to your back hair, it helps to have the right tool for the job. Enter the Panasonic ER-GB80-S, an electric trimmer with a waterproof design (yes, that means you can run it under the tap to rinse it out). The trimmer boasts a whopping 50 minutes of run time plus 39 different trim settings, adjustable in half-millimeter increments from just 0.5mm up to 20mm. The trimmer typically goes for $100, but thanks to a special Amazon deal, you can get yours today for just $60.
— Andy Frakes

Buy Now: $100 $60


Acaia Pearl Coffee Scale
Save $49: The reason pour-over coffee is seen as the purest form of coffee brewing isn’t that it’s always the best, but because it’s really damn hard to do well. Every required step — heat water, weigh beans, grind beans, bloom grinds and pour — demands an array of micro-decisions that have a huge impact. What’s peak extraction temperature? How many pours is best? What’s the ideal grind size? It’s a balance of science and skill, and there are few tools better suited for it than Acaia’s Pearl scale.

The Pearl provides 20-millisecond response times and accuracy down to .1 grams. Because it shows both time and weight during the brew process, you’re able to adjust bloom time, water volume used and total brew duration more easily. And if you don’t like taking notes or can’t remember your exact recipe, the Pearl tracks all your brews — time, temperature and weight — via Bluetooth connection to your phone.

Today on Ebay, the Pearl is 24 percent off — good for a $49 savings. Don’t forget a kettle. — Will Price

Buy Now: $199 $150


Lodge Cast-Iron Camp Oven
Save $24: Lodge’s deep-set camp oven is 13 pounds of heat-insulating cast iron. Legs allow coals to heat it from the base, a handle makes for easier movement around the fire and a tight-fitting lid keeps the outdoors out of your meal. Unlike most modern cast-iron cookware, it is not a precious thing. Today on Amazon, pick up the 5-quart size — plenty big to serve stew for four to six people — at an all-time low price of $41. What should you cook in it? Here’s a good place to start. — Will Price

Buy Now: $65 $41


Anker Smartphone Charging Accessories
Save Up to 36%: Quite a few of Anker’s smartphone charging accessories are on sale on Amazon right now. There’s a little bit of everything — from wireless charging pads to charging cables, portable batteries to multi-port wall adapters — and it’s all up to 36-percent off. We’ve highlighted a few of our favorite on-sale gadgets below, but you can see the full list here.

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Bulova Accu-Swiss Murren Automatic Watch
Save 74%: Among historic brand Bulova‘s various notable collections, Accu-Swiss-branded watches contain Swiss mechanical movements and often have a retro styling. This currently deeply discounted Murren is a great example, and it is particularly handsome with that bracelet which recalls the brand’s past. It contains a Swiss automatic movement — probably a Sellita SW 200 with 38 hours of power reserve. With an easy-wearing 40mm-wide, 11mm thick steel case topped with sapphire crystal, this is a great deal for just $375, or 74% off its retail price of $1,450. — Zen Love

Buy Now: $1,450 $375


Vans Sneakers
Save 43%:If you’re in need of some new sneakers for the warm-weather months, head over to Zappos today. Right now, you can save up to 40 percent on a bunch of iconic styles from Vans. Choose from slip-on and lace-up styles in a range of colors — prices start at just $36. — John Zientek

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Hario V60 Pour-Over Coffee Brew Set
Save 20%: Baristas will argue to the moon and back over pour-over coffee — the best grind size, the best water temperature, the best pouring pattern and other brewing dark arts. But the most consistent argument of them all is that of the brew device itself, a discussion dominated by the Kalita Wave, Chemex and Hario V60. The latter is most-prized by coffee professionals and is very, very cheap today.

The V60 is a cone-shaped brewer with a single hole in the base and grooves running down the inside. It specializes in bringing out the lighter, more floral notes you see on bags of coffee, but there is a small learning curve. Because the water you pour over it runs straight through the bed of beans and into a mug or carafe, any water that lands on the side of the brewer can run right under the filter without touching the grounds, making for a very watery cup. Specialty roaster Intelligentsia has a concise, definitive guide on the subject of V60 brewing. Plus, the V60 is also small enough to fit in a carry-on, unlike its rival Chemex brewer.

Today on Drop, the glass V60 brewer, a carafe to brew into, a scoop and 100 filters is just $16. If you want to try pour-over coffee, this is about as low an investment as you could hope for. — Will Price

Buy Now: $22 $16


Patagonia Black Hole Duffel 60-Liter
Save 30%: If you’ve never heard of Patagonia’s Black Hole duffel bags, you’ve likely spotted one in an airport, foreign train station or strapped to the roof of an overlander. Patagonia built the weather-resistant and sturdy bags to last decades with a rugged TPU-laminated ripstop nylon. They also include removable backpack straps that make carrying one a breeze, even when it’s fully loaded.

The 60-liter version is arguably the most versatile size; it’s big enough to pack everything you’ll need for a weekend or a week, and it still fits into the overhead bins on planes. We’ve put this bag through its paces on all kinds of adventures, from a ski weekend in Vermont to a month-long trip to Ecuador. It’s one of the best rugged duffel bags available, and right now it’s also 30 percent off at Backcountry. — Tanner Bowden

Buy Now: $129 $90


Kryptonite Bike Lock Sale
Save $30:The Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini heavy Duty Bicycle lock is under $100 today. Originally $114, you can pick up this steel shackle u-lock for $82 on Amazon. Biking around a city makes life easier, but it’s infinitely more complicated when your bike gets stolen. A hardcore bike lock is a necessity if you ride your bike and leave it outside while you run errands, grab a bite or log hours at the office. This max performance lock has a double deadbolt with a protective vinyl coating and comes with three keys. The hardened steel eliminates bolt cutters as a threat, and the small size helps to keep pros with levers away. Keep one at home, another at the office and the third on your person at all times. Pro tip: Register your five-pound lock as soon as you get it and get a secondary cable to protect your wheels.
— Meg Lappe

Buy Now: $114 $82


Philips Sonicare Electric Toothbrush
Save $40: Last year, I splurged on a Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean toothbrush. It was the best thing I bought all year.

The Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean is a weighty brush that uses vibration and water movement to shake plaque and other gross substances off your teeth and gums. The electric brush has five power levels — clean, white, sensitive, gum care and deep clean — and charges via conduction in a small glass cup that comes with it.

Beyond that, it’s the electric toothbrush that made me realize the value of electric toothbrushes. Morning and night, every brushing ends in that indescribably smooth post-dentist gum and teeth feel — a feeling nigh impossible to achieve with a manual brush.

Today on Amazon, the $200 Diamond Clean is $160. It’s worth every penny. — Will Price

Buy Now: $200 $160



Smith Sunglasses Sale
Save 60%:If you’re in the market for a new pair of sunglasses, today is the day to add one to your cart. Right now, over 30 different styles are on sale for up to 60 percent off at Backcountry.com. Whether you bike, run, CrossFit or weightlift outdoors, the megol nose pads on these lightweight frames mean your sunglasses aren’t going anywhere — even if it’s 100 degrees. Smith’s ChromaPop lenses sharpen your vision so you can catch every rock, bump and divet in the trail ahead. We picked out a few options below, but recommend you head to the site to check out the plethora of options to find the perfect shape for your face. — Meg Lappe

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End Clothing Sale on Adidas Sneakers
Save up to 50%: Whenever End Clothing has a big sale event, you’re sure to find piles of good stuff for extremely reasonable prices. And this time around, some of the best items we’ve found on the site’s mid-season sale happen to be great sneakers from Adidas. Be sure to check out the entire sale event if you’re looking to freshen up your warm-weather wardrobe or score off-season winter garb at clearance prices, but if you’re specifically in the market for new kicks, we recommend starting with these.
— Andy Frakes

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Cotopaxi Fuego LT Down jacket
Save 50%: It might seem imprudent, foolhardy or even irresponsible to buy a down jacket when we’re a mere month away from the summer solstice — your cash is better spent on a bathing suit or a new hiking pack, right? Most will agree here, and both brands and retailers respond with discounts to move their insulating layers off the shelves. Cotopaxi is doing just that; it’s lightweight Fuego Down Jacket is currently 50 percent off, along with other items like windbreakers and fleeces.

Cotopaxi made the jacket with premium 950-fill water-resistant down that provides excellent warmth but is still slim and packable. The designers also included a touch of Polartec’s breathable synthetic Alpha insulation underneath the arms, and it has two interior and two exterior pockets. As far as down jackets go its regular price of $230 makes it notably affordable, but at $115, it’s the cheapest you’re likely to see a coat of this quality. For those with an adequate balance of foresight and patience, this deal is one not to miss. Plus, there are plenty of uses for down jackets in the summer too: hikes to higher elevations, chilly mornings and evenings and trips to the Southern Hemisphere are just a few. — Tanner Bowden

Buy Now: $230 $115



Black Diamond ReVolt Headlamp
Save 25%: Black Diamond sets itself apart with all of the hyper-specific technical climbing equipment that it makes, but it still nails one of the most basic camping essentials: the headlamp. The ReVolt is one of its more feature-laden models, with multiple dimmable light modes for close-up tasks and long distances as well as strobe and night vision settings. It’s waterproof too, but perhaps best of all it has a hybrid battery system that lets you power it with three AAA batteries or via micro USB.

The ReVolt is currently on sale at Backcountry for 25 percent off, along with some other awesome headlamps from Black Diamond, including our favorite Spot 325 as well as the rugged Storm 375. — Tanner Bowden

Buy Now: $60 $45


Orient Bambino Automatic Dress Watch
Save 54%: The Orient Bambino is a stalwart low-cost favorite amongst many watch enthusiasts for pairing an automatic, hacking and hand winding-capable movement with a clean, vintage-inspired design. You also get a nicely domed dial and crystal, and a date at 3 o’clock, all at a relatively low price. — Andrew Connor

Buy Now: $300 $139+


JackRabbit Training Sneaker Sale
Save 50%:Right now, you can pick up a pair of training shoes for less than $100, which is a steal. JackRabbit’s running shoe sale features over 50 styles of running and training shoes all for just $85 this week. Whether you’re looking for a new shoe to take to the gym, commute with or log miles in, there are a variety of options for you.

You’ll also find a handful of our top picks — from 2018’s Best New Running Shoe round up — like the New Balance Beacon and Adidas SolarBoost. Shop all the top deals from all the titans in the industry like Adidas, Asics, Brooks, Nike, New Balance, Saucony and more. Pick from select colors and styles, and shop them while you can as some sizes are already limited.
— Meg Lappe

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2018 iPad Pro (11-inch and 12.9-inch)
Save Up to $100: If you’ve been considering picking up an iPad Pro, there’s never been a better time. Amazon has dropped the prices of the latest model for the first time since release. The smaller of the two tablets, the 11-inch iPad Pro, normally starts at $799 (Wi-Fi only, 64GB), but Amazon is selling it for $50 off. The new 12.9-inch iPad Pro normally starts at $999 (Wi-Fi only, 64GB), but Amazon is selling it for $100 off. There are deals on cellular and larger storage configurations, too.

Buy Now: $799 $749 (11-inch)

Buy Now: $999 $899 (12.9-inch)


Bose SoundSport In-Ear Headphones
Save $50: Bose SoundSport are wired in-ear headphones that typically cost $100, but you can find them at Walmart and Best Buy for half that right now. They’ve been around for a few years and aren’t noise-canceling, which is what Bose is famous for, but they’re still a solid budget option for anybody who still relies on their smartphone’s headphone jack.

Buy Now: $100 $50 (Best Buy)Buy Now: $100 $50 (Walmart)


webster grills gear patrol lead full

Weber Grills
Save Up to 30%: On Wayfair, nearly everything is on sale. The exceptions are typically products from name brands — your KitchenAids, Brevilles and Staubs. Today, during the site’s outdoor sale, grilling’s biggest name brand has nearly its whole catalog of grills — charcoal and gas — marked down.

The majority of Weber’s grills are discounted anywhere from 15 to 30 percent off. The lot includes the compact Spirit II propane-fired grill, the most upgraded form of the classic kettle grill, the limited-edition red kettle and others. — Will Price

Learn More: Here


Summer Shirts from Todd Snyder
Save 30%: Right now at Todd Snyder, you can save nearly $50 on great poplin shirts in multiple colors. Between the breathability of the fabric, the open camp-collar designs and the bold printed patterns, these are poised to be your summer favorites. Each shirt also features a vented hem, a slim fit and a back locker loop for wrinkle-free hanging. — Andy Frakes

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White Canvas Sneakers
Save 55%: If you’re looking to get some fresh new kicks before the summer months, head over to End today. Right now, you can save up to 55 percent on a range of white sneakers from brands like Converse, PF Flyers and Superga. Most styles are well under $50, so if you see something you like, act fast — it won’t be around for long. — John Zientek

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2018 Vizio P-Series 55-Inch TV
Save $200: The 2018 Vizio P-Series was one of the very best 4K HDR TVs under $1,000 that you could buy. Now, with the advent of the 2019 Vizio P-Series, which promises to be a little brighter, faster and smarter, the prices of these 2018 models are dropping. Walmart is selling a 55-inch model for $598, which is $200 off and the lowest we’ve ever seen it go for.

Buy Now: $798 $598


Sony A7II Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera
Save $600: Sony has officially dropped the price of one of its best full-frame mirrorless cameras, the A7II, which you can now buy for under $1,000, complete with a 28-70mm lens. The body-and-lens combo saves you roughly $600. — Tucker Bowe

Buy Now: $1,598 $998 (Amazon)Buy Now: $1,598 $998 (Best Buy)

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