Ace & Everett Is Making The Stand-Up Socks You Need

You need socks that can stand up the rigors of everyday life.


You need socks that can stand up to the rigors of everyday life with style. Luckily, the American-made socks from Ace & Everett cover those bases with aplomb. Founded by two brothers, the brand is named after and inspired by the pair’s grandfather, Raymond “Ace” Everett Disch, whose own sense of style always started with a great pair of socks. Ace & Everett’s goal is to inject a bit of fun and personality into the usually-bland area of men’s hosiery.

But the socks can’t just look good, they need to be well-made too — otherwise, no one would ever be back for a second pair. To get that athletic-sock comfort and durability with dress-sock style, Ace & Everett partnered with a fifth generation family-run mill in North Carolina. They then made use of US-grown organic Supima cotton for a product that’s soft to the touch yet distinctly high quality. The stay-up technology of ribbed calf bands and no-slip heels mean they won’t come down on you, while the padded sole and jacquard knit deliver pillowy comfort all day long. As if this wasn’t appealing enough, you can head over to Ace & Everett’s site and receive a discount of 20% off your order with the code Gear20.

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