This New E-Bike Will Change How You Commute

The Fluid E-bike from Fuell aims to change the way we move around the city on two wheels, with an impressive battery range of 125 miles.



The Fluid from Fuell aims to change the way we move around the city on two wheels. Designed by motorcyclist engineer Erik Buell — of Buell Motorcycle Company and Harley Davidson fame — this e-bike comes with a mid-drive Bofeili 500W pedal-assisted motor, giving it 100Nm of torque that offers cyclists a fast ride. The Fluid is also designed for the urban rider and is made from a custom aluminum alloy frame that keeps things sleek. Fuell also added a Gates Carbon belt drive system and a Shimano Alfine 8-speed geared hub for low maintenance. Two batteries provide the power allowing you to travel a staggering 125 miles on one charge — and reach an 80% charge in only two and a half hours. This is the ideal e-bike for city commuting. The Fluid is set to ship in September, but if you go ahead and back the bike now on Indiegogo you can snag 21% off.

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