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Build Beach Muscles on the Cheap with This Deceptively Simple Home Gym Product

This sneaky pullup bar is in fact a portable gym that can rock your back, chest, arms and abs — and it’s going fast.


Sometimes a pull-up bar is just a pull-up bar. But when designed well, it can be a space efficient and super cheap home gym you can use to pump up all kinds of muscles. Such is the case with the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Doorway Pull Up Bar Portable Gym System, which is as awesome as its name is long. Use this powered-up piece of equipment to do everything from pull-ups (wide, close or hammer grip) and situps to pushups and dips. With those four types of exercises, you can hit everything from back and chest to arms and abs. When it comes to blasting the muscles that make all the difference this summer, that’s just about all you need. So get this deal while it lasts, and get ready to be a king of the beach.

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