This Watch Puts the Moon Landing on Your Wrist

This is the Apollo 11 moon landing inspired watch you haven’t seen yet.


This is the Apollo 11 moon landing-inspired watch you haven’t seen yet. The SVPER11 takes its inspiration of the moon landing very literally, with the watch face depicting the exact landing area in a 3D topographical rendering. But the references to the Apollo 11 mission don’t stop there. The crown is modeled on the oxygen valves from the front of the same model of spacesuit used on the mission and the technical ceramic caseback features a mention of the mission. The next unique element is the metal clasp with exact coordinates of the moon landing, laser-etched into its surface. Thanks to a Seiko movement you can be sure it will keep consistent time with its sweeping second hand which appears like a radar constantly marking the landing site. This is the only Apollo 11 anniversary memento you could ever need. You can pre-order it now on Kickstarter and get up to 34% off the retail price. You can use the code “GPReader” and SVPER11 will include matching Apple Watch converters for the strap, so you can swap the unique strap between the SVPER11 and your Apple Watch.

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