Optimize Your Performance with These Cutting-Edge Insoles

Unlike standard insoles, VKTRY Insoles are engineered with carbon fiber to optimize your performance and prevent injury.


Shoe companies put a lot of thought into the shape and appearance of their footwear, but sometimes it feels as though the footbed and insoles are an afterthought. But when you consider that you use them with every single step you take, it’s worth a second thought. So much so that our friends at VKTRY ran extensive tests at three different controlled testing facilities to develop the best performing insole possible. VKTRY Insoles are engineered from aerospace-grade carbon fiber, and obsessively shaped to optimize performance — increasing ground force by 8.1 percent and explosiveness by 9.3 percent. They are also designed to help prevent common injuries like turf toe and shin splints while offering unparalleled support. Upgrade your favorite pair of shoes, and get the insoles that work as hard as you do. Plus, with the code GP80, you can take $80 off your purchase.

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