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You Can Score a Great Deal on DJI’s Entry-Level Drone

DJI is killing off the Spark, its tiny selfie drone. Conversely, there’s never been a better time to buy one.


DJI announced the Mavic Mini ($399) yesterday, and in doing so, made it the company’s new “smallest and lightest drone.” It stole this title away from the DJI Spark, which was released in 2017, so it should come as little surprise to find out that, moving forward, DJI is going to slow production on the Spark. It’s “in the process of reaching end-of-life (EOL),” according to the company, but DJI will continue to service and support the Spark for anybody who already has one or is still thinking about buying one. Why buy something that’s reaching its EOL? Because it’s still a great entry-level drone — and you can get a great deal on one right now.

Amazon is selling the DJI Spark for as low as $328, which is significantly cheaper than the $400 it’s going for elsewhere. (At launch, the Spark’s original MSRP was $500.)

The truth is that the DJI Spark might actually be an even better entry-level drone for a lot of people. It’s not foldable and it lacks the better camera and the superior video shooting abilities of the Mavic Mini, but the Spark has one big advantage: object avoidance. The Spark also has built-in sensors that enable to automatically avoid obstacles, like trees, people and buildings. The Mavic Mini can’t do this, meaning whomever is piloting it will need to be extra careful.

The DJI Spark is not currently available on DJI’s website, although you can still order up accessories from them, such as an extra battery, a remote control or propeller guards.

Buy Now: $399 $328

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