These Grates Give You Perfectly Grilled Meat, Every Time

GrillGrates have developed a patented grate system that locks flavors and juices in, giving you more flavorful meats.


When it comes to grilling, there are many factors that people like to debate over. Gas or charcoal, open or smoker — it’s part of what makes grilling so fun. But an oft-overlooked aspect of grilling are the actual grates that you’re grilling on. It’s where the meat meets the heat, and one of the most important components of the whole process. GrillGrates has developed a system with raised rails, interlocking panels and never-rusting anodized aluminum that gives you the perfect surface for beautifully seared meat, every time. The patented rail design system makes your food juicier and more flavorful without ever drying it out. Plus, there are GrillGrates available for any grill — no matter the size, shape or fuel type. It will have you grilling better and more often, and with the code GEAR15 you can get one for 15% off.

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