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If You’re Looking for a New Commuter Bike, Here’s $100 Off a Pretty Great One

The Gear Patrol Commuter Bike is designed specifically to take on commuting in the city and today you can save $100 through this exclusive offer.

Designed in New York City
Nick Kova

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Bike commuting can be a pain the ass. Road bikes are built for speed, but leave a lot to be desired on pothole-strewn streets. Mountain bikes can be unwieldy, over-engineered for a fairly straightforward trip across town. Add in weather, wear and weight and it’s actually really difficult to find a bike that’s really well-suited to be a daily rider. Until now.

Since it surged onto the scene in 2014, Priority Bicycles has been redefining the commuter class of cycling. Underpinned by the Gates Carbon Drive system — a synthetic, carbon-reinforced belt that outperforms a standard metal chain and renders a bike nearly maintenance-free — Priority’s bikes are built for maximum utility while being easy to ride and own. We’ve worked with Priority Bicycles for years and, having several committed bike commuters in our office, we decided it was high time to design our version of a purpose-built commuter bike. After nearly a year in design and development, we’re proud to introduce our first true collaboration with Priority Bicycles, the Gear Patrol Commuter Bike.

Featuring a lightweight frame, upgraded components, a sealed seven-speed hub and Gates Carbon Belt Drive system, the Gear Patrol Commuter Bike is designed specifically to take on year-round commuting in the city. Now available with special discount pricing for $100 off, only at the Gear Patrol Store.

Buy Now: $899 $799

Behind the Design

We’ve worked closely with Priority Bicycles for years, helping launch several new Priority Bicycles models including the Gotham and the Proof, two of our favorite executions. But over the years we’ve dreamt about building a Gear Patrol bike — something essentially Gear Patrol — that would speak to our history, the history of our partnership with Priority Bicycles, and New York City, the place that we both call home.

A bike should be simple. It should be robust. It should get you from point A to B, but in so doing, it should also elevate the journey. A good design should make the journey better. Over potholes and half-paved streets, a bike — your bike — should function as an extension of you. It should be ready to respond to whatever The City throws at you.

We designed the Gear Patrol Commuter Bike from the ground up to be a simple, no-frills, machine. We began with our favorite Priority Bicycles frame — used in the beloved L-Train — and started building it to New York City spec. Our spec. The sealed seven-speed hub and Gates Carbon Drive system had the perfect gearing for the mean streets of Manhattan, but we wanted faster shifting, so we opted for trigger shifts. With speed comes great responsibility, so we made sure to use high-quality Shimano V Brakes.

Finally, we wanted a bike that would rise to the challenge, a two-wheeled solution to getting there. In the Priority Bicycles x Gear Patrol Commuter Bike we sought to build a bullet-proof example of what a reliable, enjoyable, commuter bike could be.

Back in Black

If you spent a day in New York City you’d likely learn that black is the new black. In The City, wearing black is refined and straightforward, staid and understated. But black is also utilitarian. The City is dirty, and to move through it means to get dirty. Black goes with anything, especially, especially grit and wear. When black gets roughed up, it looks better, a signifier of a hard ride, an inspired moment, a helluva day.

We brought black back in two ways. The lower half of the bike is in gloss black — a high-wear finish around the forks and crank that is well-suited to abuse. In short, it will bear the brunt of a gnarly ride and still look distinguished. The remainder of the bike is finished in a matte black, the kind of finish you wished your everyday rider had. Why’s that? Because matte diverts attention, it hides scars, it is what you didn’t see coming.

Who It’s For

The finished Gear Patrol Commuter Bike isn’t interested in attention, it isn’t preoccupied with how it looks. Instead, it’s thinking: Can I make that light? What’s beyond that turn? When can we downshift? In this way, this bike is our spirit, distilled down into Chromoly and rubber, two-wheeled steed worthy of the grit — nay, the guts — of New York City. This is the bike for the early session, for beating rush hour, for breaking bad habits, for pushing the envelope, for making it worth a damn.

Save $100 on the Gear Patrol Commuter Bike through this exclusive limited-time offer.

Buy Now: $899 $799

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