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27 Great Style Deals We’re Shopping This Week

Whether it’s a comfy pair of PJs, a rugged all-weather bag, or Italian-made sunglasses, it’s all on sale this week.


Being fashionable doesn’t have to come at the cost of being frugal. There are plenty of stylish deals out there if you’re willing to look, but if you’re not, that’s okay because we did it for you. From luxury skincare to luscious fleece zip-ups to comfy house slippers, these are the best style deals to shop this week.

Everlane Jeans

This week, Everlane’s already affordable jeans are just $50. They rarely go on sale, so if you’re in need of a new pair, act fast.

Buy Now: $68 $50

J.Crew Organic Cotton Crewneck Sweater

Nautical vibes at a steal.

Buy Now: $90 $35

Astorflex Bitflex

Is there a perfect dog-walking shoe? I don’t know, but there’s an Italian-made chukka for just over a $100 that’s pretty perfect regardless of companionship animal activities.

Buy Now: $185 $102

Gillette ProGlide Razor Handle (Plus 4 Refills)

Leave the five o’clock shadow to the George Clooney’s of the world.

Buy Now: $22 $10

Aesop In Two Minds Face Cleanser

Luxury skincare brand Aesop is known for its natural ingredients, intoxicating scents and effective lotions, cleansers and soaps. They also never go on sale (except for just this once). Don’t let the price tag fool you. A little goes a long, long way.

Buy Now: $33 $25

Flint & Tinder Sherpa Full Zip Jacket

The path to nirvana might be this cozy fleece jacket.

Buy Now: $148 $67

Dockers Ultimate Chino

Ultimate is defined by Merriam-Webster as “the best or most extreme of its kind”.

Buy Now: $66 $45

Adidas Adilette Comfort Slides

Whatever you’re sliding into, it’s probably not as good as these slides.

Buy Now: $35 $18

Universal Works Everyday Stripe Sock

English-made socks for just under a tenner.

Buy Now: $19 $9

Calvin Klein Cotton Boxer Briefs

I restock in my Calvin’s.

Buy Now: $40 $16 (three-pack)

RRL Plaid Wool Overshirt

Want and need are two very different things, sometimes.

Buy Now: $395 $159

Oliver Peoples Isba Sunglasses

Sheesh, when’s the last time you got something for 84% off?

Buy Now: $471 $80

Recording King Century33 Limited Edition #1 Acoustic Guitar

At the behest of your inner singer-songwriter, now’s the time to create the next great ballad.

Buy Now: $400 $200

Aer Duffle Pack 2 Convertible Backpack

Backpack by day, duffle by the convenient handles.

Buy Now: $170 $128

Superga COTU Classic Sneakers

Superga used to produce deck sneakers for Italy’s mariners back in the day. So, if they’re good enough for the Italian navy, they’re good enough for whatever it is you’re up to.

Buy Now: $65 $49

New Balance Made in US 997P

I like to call these errand sneakers because I absolutely need task-specific shoes.

Buy Now: $220 $154

Taylor Stitch Crater Shirt

A super-soft, super premium flannel that won’t put a crater in your wallet.

Buy Now: $128 $58

Levi’s 501 Original Shrink-to-Fit Jeans

The original DIY shrink-to-fit jean. Throw ’em in the tub with hot water, hang dry until crispy, wear the hell out of ’em. Enter code ‘FRIEND’ to get in on 30 percent off plus free shipping.

Buy Now: $60 $35

Rhodes Dean Cap Toe Boot

Handsome boots at a handsome price.

Buy Now: $220 $154

Ralph Lauren Striped Cotton Pajama Pant

Chillin’ at home doesn’t have to be a strictly sweatpants thing…

Buy Now: $42 $30

Champion Powerblend Sweatpants

…but it totally could.

Buy Now: $35 $19

Panasonic ER-GB80-S Body and Beard Trimmer

This beard trimmer made our list of the best of the best. Now it’s 42 percent off.

Buy Now: $100 $58

Corridor Indigo Red Plaid Long Sleeve Shirt

A cotton-linen blend that’s perfect for spring time climes.

Buy Now: $148 $44

Ermenegildo Zegna Sunglasses

Made in Italy frames at a price lower than most direct-to-consumer eyewear brands.

Buy Now: $305 $80

Folk Zip Shirt-Jacket

Describing a garment using a multihyphenate is just another way to say it’s versatile, which is another way to say it’s high on the bang-for-your-buck graph.

Buy Now: $209 $135

Wallace & Barnes Ripstop Brigade Cargo Pant

This is an insane deal that will leave you with enough cash to max out the cargo pockets.

Buy Now: $148 $21

Barbour Icons Waxed Cotton Tarras Messenger Back

If you’ve ever wanted one of Barbour’s iconic waxed jackets in bag form, here it is.

Buy Now: $230 $96

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