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3 Awesome Wood Handle Knives Are on Sale

Wood used to be one of the most basic materials for pocket knife handles, but now it tends to be expensive, which is why this sale is one not to miss.


Knife handles materials run a gamut from plain to showy, commonplace to rare. Synthetic materials like G10 and Micarta are practical and affordable, while makers prize carbon fiber for its lightness and strength. There are more unusual handle materials yet, like one that uses mesh suspended in colored resin. And that’s not to mention metals: steel, aluminum, titanium and all their finishes and coatings. But somehow we’re always drawn back to the simplest of knife handles — wood.

Wood was among the first materials makers used to craft folding pocket knives, but now it’s often a luxury ingredient in the company of stone, minerals and bone. It tends to come with the price tag to match, which is why we’re going out of our way to point out three noteworthy wood handle pocket knives that are currently on sale for 30 percent off.

Helle Kletten

The Kletten is Helle’s first actual EDC pocket knife, and one of the few folders in its collection. The small 2.17-inch blade may break with the company’s outdoor-oriented tradition, but its handle certainly doesn’t — it’s made of the same curly birch as Helle’s other knives.

Buy Now: $199 $139

Castillo Knives Muralla

Castillo Knives complimented the Muralla’s 2.75-inch drop-point Sandvik 14C28N steel blade with curly birch, but its pattern is quite different from that of the Kletten. This knife also comes with a Spanish leather sheath and a sharpening stone.

Buy Now: $119 $83

Santa Fe Stoneworks Damascus 3″ Folder w/ Cholla Cactus Skeleton Handle

Beneath the spines of some cactus species is wood. And it’s that wood, harvested dead from a particularly spikey variant called cholla, that Santa Fe Stoneworks used to adorn this folder. It almost makes you ignore the equally impressive Damascus steel blade.

Buy Now: $125 $87

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