VSSL’s First Aid Is A Cylinder of Perfect Preparedness, and Right Now It’s 25% Off

Stop raiding pharmacies and supermarkets of essential supplies and get this immaculately prepared first-aid kit from VSSL instead.


There are two instances in which the Boy Scouts’ motto — “always be prepared” — is truer than ever: realizing you’re lost in the wilderness as the sun is setting, and discovering you’ve run out of basic first aid supplies in the midst of a global health pandemic. (Technically there’s one more instance, but running-out-of-toilet-paper jokes are a bit touchy at the moment.) Unless you’re the most unfortunate person on earth, you likely need only worry about the second instance for the time being. And right now, one of the best preparedness kits out there, VSSL’s First Aid, is not only still in stock — it’s currently 25 percent off. The kit comes with some highly sought-after items such as antiseptic wipes, medical gloves and, yes, even disposable thermometers (not to mention 46 other standard first-aid essentials), all neatly rolled up and safely contained in an ultra-durable, waterproof cylinder capped with a 4-mode LED light on one end. These are the essentials you should always have on hand, and now is the time to restock if you haven’t already. After all, with first aid, it’s always better to have what you don’t need than to need what you don’t have.

Buy Now: $125 $94

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