REI’s Sale Makes Close-to-Home Adventures Even Easier

Whether you’re biking around the block, camping out in your living room or scaling the trees in your backyard, REI has the gear you need on sale.


Sure, you may be feeling a bit short on options as to how, where and when you’re allowed to go outside these days, but don’t despair — many close-to-home adventures are still fully attainable, and (mostly) legal. A bike ride around the neighborhood, an indoor campout or perhaps going out on a limb and attempting to scale that ancient tree in your backyard — y’know, all the fun stuff you used to do as a kid. And if you’re thinking, “But I don’t have the right gear for that!” Well, REI is here to kit you out. Right now, the historic outdoor outfitter is offering up to 25% off its cycle, camp and fitness categories, meaning there’s no longer any viable excuse for re-watching that episode of The Office for the third time… Adventure awaits!

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