This Sleek New Knife Is the Perfect Addition to Your EDC

The Juliett is Tekto’s first venture into the slim knife category.


The point of owning a slim folding knife is that it’s always at hand and ready to effectively perform everyday tasks — whether that’s opening packages, doing small chores around the house or handling anything that might come up on your weekly quarantine errands. If you’re looking for a new blade or are in need of an upgrade to your everyday carry, Tekto’s Juliett is a great place to start. The Juliett is Tekto’s first venture into the slim knife category, which might be surprising to some since the brand nailed it. Forged from M390 super steel, the blade features a slim and sleek profile. Its handle is crafted from treated redwood that looks and feels great and is reminiscent of Tekto’s Amber — a fan-favorite knife that we also love. Plus if you shop now, you can take 10 percent off the Juliett with the code GP10 at check out. 

Buy Now: $80 $72

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