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The Best Deals of the Week

These are all the deals you might have missed this week.




High-End Fitness Apparel
Save 30%: Setting a fitness goal for the new year is easier said, easier done and difficultly executed. Here’s a perhaps obvious tip: make your goal specific and approachable. Here’s another that’s more obscure but just as important: invest in high-quality fitness clothing. Seriously. Working out, running, cycling, none of these activities are inherently comfortable, so providing yourself with as much physical ease as possible becomes paramount.

If you’re already shelling out for a new home machine or a membership to a gym, it might feel tempting to save on apparel. But don’t under commit — a $10 t-shirt is priced that low for a reason, and it won’t compare to the top-line threads from brands like Nike and Under Armour. The same philosophy applies to gym shorts, running shoes and fitness trackers.

This isn’t to say that you need to resign yourself to being priced out of your workout though. Deals are almost always to be found; right now there’s one at Mr. Porter that offers 30 percent off high-end fitness gear and apparel. Some of our favorite products — Nike Epic React running shoes, Suunto’s Spartan Sport GPS watch, 2XU compression tights, to name a few — are more affordable than ever. Sizes are limited, so do some picking, and you might find the thing to get you through 2019 without reneging on your resolution. — Tanner Bowden

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Finex Cast-Iron Dutch Oven
Save $100 Released in April of 2018, Finex’s first cast-iron pot is just like its cast-iron skillets: octagonal, especially heavy and sporting steel coil handles. Unlike most Dutch ovens, though, Finex’s offering isn’t coated in enamel. This means two things that you’ll have to season and treat it as you would any other cast-iron skillet, and it can get a lot hotter than enameled Dutch ovens. Enameled ovens come with temperature limits (typically 400 to 500 degrees) because the bond between iron and enamel coating can begin to craze or crack at higher temperatures.

Today on Massdrop, Finex’s $300 pot is marked down 33 percent — good for a $100 savings. —Will Price

Buy Now: $300 $199


Helinox Chair One Camp Chair
Save 35%: Unlike a tent and a sleeping bag, the camp chair is a piece of outdoor furniture that many of us are perfectly okay with leaving behind. For many, the most packable of them aren’t comfortable enough to warrant schlepping up the side of a mountain, and the most comfortable are too cumbersome for any campsite that’s too far from a vehicle. Enter Helinox’s Chair One: it weighs roughly two pounds and packs down smaller than many sleeping bags yet offers elevated seating (so your bum won’t freeze on the ground) and comfortable back support. Helinox achieved this by building the chair with folding aluminum DAC poles that come together just like the ones your tent uses. The seat is nylon and mesh.

It doesn’t matter where you stand in regards to backcountry seating — if you hate camp chairs, this is the one to turn you; if you love them, here’s your upgrade. It’ll work for camping trips but can also handle outings to the neighborhood park and is ideal for outdoor concerts. It’s also marked down by 35 percent — that’s $35 off — at Backcountry. — Tanner Bowden

Buy Now: $100 $65


Saturdays NYC Clothing, Shoes and Accessories
Save 40%:Thanks to numerous sales, January can be a great time to invest in a few wardrobe additions. As many brands are already prepping for spring and summer inventory, you can score some great garments at substantial discounts. Case in point: now at Saturdays NYC, you can save 40 percent on jackets, shirts, pants and shoes (from FW18) along with additional garments from past seasons. There are many sizes and styles available, so head over to the site and peruse the extensive sale section. — John Zientek

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CRKT Pilar Large Pocket Knife
Save 34%: Everyday pocket knives are getting smaller, and we like it. Tiny knives are utterly portable, and they can be so without losing out on utility. But sometimes, when the task calls for it, or when you just want it, a big blade is better. That’s why this year, CRKT made a larger version of the Pilar, a knife that has become quite popular since its release in 2017.

The Pilar Large is bigger than its original version, but it still isn’t a massive hunk of metal that’ll weigh heavy in your pocket. It’s also currently on sale at Massdrop for 36 percent off, a notable discount given how new this knife is and how popular the original was. The Pilar Large can be ordered with a stainless steel handle, a G10 handle or, for slightly more money, in an all-black edition that has upgraded steel. — Tanner Bowden

Buy Now: $55 $35


Bonobos Clothing and Accessories
Save 40%:If you haven’t already spent this month’s discretionary income on any number of early-January sales, let us tempt you with something new. Currently at Bonobos, you can save an extra 40 percent on a massive range of already reduced clothing and accessories with the code WINTER40. That means you can pick up a pair of chinos for under $30 and an Italian-wool suit for $300. Browse an impressive selection of pants, shirts, suits and more — this massive sale is worth your time and money. — John Zientek

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Nike, Adidas and New Balance Sneakers
Save Up to 70% Just as we leave the holiday season in the rearview, online retailer Sneakersnstuff drops a beast of a sale — 30 to 70 percent off thousands of pieces in its inventory. And while the Holiday Sale features plenty of sweats, hoodies, hats and bags, the best pickings are in the department Sneakersnstuff does best — sneakers. Among the 24 pages worth of shoes are a wealth of great deals on some of the most covetable sneakers of the last year. —Will Price

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Common Projects Shoes and Boots
Save 40%:Since its inception in 2004, New York-based footwear brand Common Projects has become something of a cult-favorite. The brand makes luxe versions of classic sneaker silhouettes, utilizing premium materials and Italian craftsmanship. While the brand isn’t as hard to come by as it once was, it’s rare to find substantial markdowns on any of its styles.

But, today is one of those rare occasions. If you head over to Mr Porter, you can save 40 percent on a few different pairs of shoes and boots from Common Projects. The understated styles are available in a range of sizes and prices start at $258 — that’s almost unheard of for this brand. — John Zientek

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trx strong system gear patrol lead full

TRX Suspension Trainer
Save 34%: When arranged thoughtfully and outfitted appropriately, a home gym can be an entirely capable alternative to a pricey gym membership. It doesn’t have to call for heavy and bulky (not to mention expensive) equipment, either. TRX’s original suspension trainer was created with this type of functional minimalism in mind — it was invented by a Navy SEAL squadron commander named Randy Hetrick who was searching for a way to stay fit during deployment.

Hetrick’s original version was made of a jiu-jitsu belt and parachute webbing, but the design has since been refined. The system sets up virtually anywhere, and one size is suitable for upper body, lower body and core workouts. It comes with a mesh bag for storage and travel and includes workout primers developed by professional trainers.
Like an as-seen-on-TV contraption, it can be adapted to various workouts and targeted exercises. Unlike that hulking machine, it can be bought in fewer than 12 installments, especially now that it’s 34 percent off — a savings of $51 — at Huckberry. — Tanner Bowden

Buy Now: $150 $99


Barton Watch Bands
Save 10%: Barton Bands makes one of the largest varieties of watch straps available in a variety of sizes and colors: they’ve got pull-through nylon, two-piece canvas and leather, two-pice rubber dive straps and even an entire range of specialty smartwatch straps. Right now, they’re offering 10% off three or more straps using the code “HELLO2019” at checkout, so if you’ve got a new timepiece in need of strappage, now’s the time to stock up. — Oren Hartov

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Nemo Equipment Dagger 2-Person Tent
Save $120: A few years ago, I found myself staring down my calendar at one of life’s transitional moments: my seasonal job would end, my other seasonal job would end and my lease would be up. Rather than begin to scour the classifieds section of the local paper and yield to an increase in my rent, I came to the resolution that the better option was to purchase a one-way plane ticket to the southernmost point of South America with the goal of wandering from Tierra del Fuego to the coast of the Caribbean Sea.

My loose itinerary involved backpacking, hiking, surfing, city wandering and more, all in environments that ranged from high alpine to subtropical. I quickly realized that my gear closet was not as full as it appeared. One of the most important purchases that I had to make was a tent. After doing quite a bit of research, I landed on Nemo Equipment’s Dagger, for a few reasons: it was small enough to carry on a six-day trek it was spacious enough for casual camping at a campground or in a yard, it was durable enough for months of use and it had two large vestibules for gear storage (a feature that I was specifically looking for).

All of these qualities I gathered from the specs listed on Nemo’s website and through a visit to an REI to see the tent in person, and they all held true throughout what ended up to be four months of travel. The Dagger proved itself indispensable, and I’d happily recommend it to anyone in search of a tent that balances size and weight with comfort and durability. Right now, it’s 30 percent off — a savings of $120 — at Backcountry. — Tanner Bowden

Buy Now: $400 $280


J.Crew Flash Sale
Save an Extra 60%:When I walked into the office this morning, there was a noticeable buzz about J.Crew’s current Flash Sale. People were rightfully surprised. The sale, which goes through tomorrow, offers 25 percent off full price styles and an extra 60 percent off sale styles with the code FLASH. That extra 60 percent is what was drawing excited comments from people here.

With that discount, you can pick up a classic buffalo plaid shirt for $5 or a chamois workshirt for $8. You can score a cashmere knit hat for $6 and a merino wool turtleneck for $11. Hell, if you want to invest in some suiting you can buy the brand’s Crosby suit jacket for just under $100. The prices seem too good to be true.

And for most of an hour, our employees encountered countless error messages when trying to add items to their carts and check out. Items have been selling out quickly (no surprise there), but by the time of publish, our staff has largely been able to complete their orders. So if you’re in need of any wardrobe essentials, head over to J.Crew today — you’d be crazy not to. — John Zientek

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Snow Peak

Snow Peak Camp Cookware Sale
Save up to 25% Snow Peak makes top notch outdoors gear — everything from cookware to clothing to tents, and most of the equipment rarely goes on sale. Right now you can take advantage of almost 25 percent off mugs, kettles, tableware and more. A few of our favorite picks are below, so shop while you can. — Meg Lappe

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Miele Canister Vacuum
Save $75 Though vacuums made by Dyson, Shark and Roomba are the most well-known vacuum makers out there, none hold a candle to Miele.
The 120-year-old German vacuum makers create machines that are more powerful, more durable and much longer-lasting than other premium vacuums. Its canister vacuums are developed and tested to endure 20 years of abuse and operate on both hardwood and carpets, and they all use a fully sealed air cleaning system, which means micro-particles aren’t allowed to escape after suction and filtering.
Today, one of the company’s entry-level models — the Compact C1 — is about $75 off on Amazon today. It’s worth noting that its vacuums are not bagless, so you’ll need to remember to stock up on canister bags. Happy cleaning. —Will Price

Buy Now: $300 $224



Anglepoise Type 1228
Save $50 Anglepoise has been making its iconic spring-balanced lamps since the 1930s. The Type 1227 was the company’s first product, and its aluminum body, easy-to-adjust arm, modern aesthetic and durability have made it (and Anglepoise) British design royalty. Sir Kenneth Grange is also British design royalty, and, since he was brought on as Design Director in 2003, he’s been the driving force behind Anglepoise’s enduring popularity.

Grange, whose awards and accolades are too many to count, is thought of as the father of modernist British design. He’s the chief author of a cross-country passenger train, the Royal Post mailbox, London’s Black Taxis and a series of mid-century Kodak cameras just to name a few. Unveiled today, his most recent creation is a collaboration with another of our favorite companies: Huckberry.

Exclusive to Huckberry, the Type 1228 is a simple update to the classic 1227. It keeps with tradition in employing an aluminum body, chrome-plated fittings and a cast-iron weighted base, but it’s given a more colorful appearance with a translucent polypropene shade. The Type 1228 is available now with black, blue or frosted white shades for 15 percent on Huckberry’s site — good for a $50 savings. —Will Price

Buy Now: $330 $280

Black Diamond

The One Headlamp I Take on Every Adventure Is Now 30% Off
Save 30%: A good headlamp is a reliable light source. Any additional features should be practical and uncompromising, not gimmicky. — Tanner Bowden

Buy Now: $40 $28


GSI Outdoors Java Drip Coffee Maker
Save 20%: There are certain things that, when we’re camping, we let slide. We might leave the floss at home, put a pause on a strict dietary regimen or wear the same shirt for a couple of days in a row. Your morning cup of coffee should not be one of the things that’s acceptable in a lower form just because you’re far from civilization. Many will resort to cowboy coffee — steeping ground beans directly in the cup and drinking around them. It doesn’t — it shouldn’t — have to be this way.

For those who care enough about their morning cup to shoulder a few extra ounces in their backpacks, there are plenty of camping-friendly coffee makers. GSI Outdoors’ Java Drip is one of the best available, especially if pour over is your brew method of choice. The apparatus consists of a 30-ounce carafe made of BPA-free plastic that’s wrapped in ballistic nylon for extra insulation. The conical drip cone locks directly onto its top and if it looks bulky don’t worry — it collapses for efficient storage within the carafe. The Java Drip comes with a reusable cloth, but any old paper filter will do the trick too.

Usually, the Java Drip costs $33, an easy price to pay when considering the alternatives (going without or chewing on grounds with every sip), and right now that price is down by 20 percent at Backcountry. — Tanner Bowden

Buy Now: $33 $26


Seiko 5 SNZH “Fifty Fathoms”
Save $165: Have long work hours got you down lately? Do you want to get the hell out of the City and go scuba diving in French Polynesia?
Well, I can’t help you, there — not even a little bit. But I can draw your attention to the fact that this Seiko 5 dive watch is on sale on Massdrop for only $130. The Seiko 5 SNZH “Fifty Fathoms” is a 42mm, stainless steel-cased diver with a 23-jewel Seiko 7S36 automatic movement. Featuring polished block hour markers and sword hands done up in Lumibright, a 120-click unidirectional bezel and Arabic numbers, this is a simple, handsome day-date watch that’s water resistant down to 100m, which should be plenty for most divers. You also get a Hardlex crystal, display case back and stainless steel bracelet, and the watch is available in 3 colorways: blue, black and two-tone.
— Oren Hartov

Buy Now: $295 $130



New Year Fitness Tech Sale
Save 40% Two easy ways to make your runs more enjoyable and improve your speed and distance are to add headphones and a fitness tracker. Right now the Jabra Elite 65t headphones and a variety of Apple Watch models are up to 40 percent off on eBay. We’re big fans of the Jabra Elite 65t headphones — they work for iOS and Android users and are “great, truly wireless, earbuds,” according to our reviewer. While they’re not designed for exercise, the fit is snug and the sound quality is great. And if neither of those products interest you or they’re sold out before you have time to purchase them, we recommend you peruse the rest of the fitness tech sale on eBay — you can save up to 40 percent off. — Meg Lappe

Jabra: $190 $120Apple Watch: $359 $274


Timex x Carhartt WIP Watch
Save 37%:Timex and Carhartt WIP teamed up to produce a field watch that is everything you’d expect from the two brands. The functional military-inspired design is based on an ‘80s watch from Timex called the Camper and features a lightweight resin case with a 12/24 hour dial, quartz movement and fluorescent hands. Its durable little 30mm case is water resistant up to 30m and comes with a tonal nylon strap. And not surprisingly, it’s affordable. Normally $109, it’s just $69 now at online retailer End — for a good-looking beater watch, that’s hard to beat. — John Zientek

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Orient Mako XL Automatic Dive Watch
Save $190: Japanese brands continuously offer great value for money with respect to watches. Take the Orient Mako XL Automatic dive watch as a case in point: you get an in-house, 21-jewel automatic movement with 40 hours of power reserve, a stainless steel 44.5mm case, a mineral crystal, steel bracelet, day-date display, unidirectional rotating bezel, 200m of water resistance, and the choice of 4 dial colors: black with black bezel, black with green bezel, vaguely-yellowish-greenish-mintish with black bezel and black with orange bezel. And all this for $130 right now on Massdrop. — Oren Hartov

Buy Now: $320 $130

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