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All the Deals You Might Have Missed This Week

These are all the deals you might have missed this week.

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Deals of the Week
Outdoors and Fitness


Global Ukon Chef’s Knife
Save $60: When Komin Yamada first designed his bizarre take on the Japanese chef’s knife, it was sacrilege. Today, it’s one of the best values in the kitchen knife world.

From tip to handle, Global knives are single, continuous pieces of stainless steel. To keep the blade down, it’s weighted ever-so-slightly toward the tip. The heel of the knife (where the blade drops off into the handle) curves more gradually than a standard Japanese knife, making it much easier to choke up on. An array of golf ball-like divets designed to keep the blade firmly in hand, even the grips are odd. Despite the unfamiliar design, the knife was given a prestigious Good Design Award a few years after its 1987 launch, and was later awarded a Good Design Long Life Award for its staying power.

Global’s knives haven’t changed much since, and today one Amazon of its latest is heavily discounted. The Ukon 7-inch knife is a slightly thicker and heavier version of the classic G-2 knife, and you can get it for $90 instead of its regular $150 today.
— Will Price

Buy Now: $150 $90

Krups Coffee Grinder & Scale
Save 25%: You have to have a grinder to drink fresh coffee and you need a scale to make consistently fresh pots. Together, both devices typically cost anywhere from $150 to $200 (or more). Today on Amazon, cop both in one machine for barely $100.

Usually around $130, the Krups coffee grinder with scale is discounted to $105 today. Now all you need is better coffee. — Will Price

Buy Now: $130 $105

Bonavita 8-Cup Coffee Maker
Save $38: Functionally, a drip coffee maker must only possess a tank for water, a water heating element and a basket to hold coffee grinds. This one-touch 8-cup Bonavita coffee maker, along with 24 other coffee makers in the world, has these things, but also satisfies the highest standards known to drip brewing. These drip makers are all certified by the Specialty Coffee Association, a non-profit coffee trade organization.

Its list of drip makers is tiny relative to the number of drip makers out there, and this probably won’t change. To be certified by the SCA a company must submit its machine for thorough testing to the SCA, testing that will determine if the machine is capable of brewing a pot to the “Golden Cup” coffee standard, and if it does so within a specific amount of time (4 to 8 minutes), at a specific temperature (195 to 205), with razor-sharp uniformity and consistency and preferably do all of this in a machine that fits under your cabinet.

Dive deeper into the SCA’s standards and it will become clear why so few achieve this certification, or, pick up Bonavita 8-cup drip coffee maker, which is on sale at the lowest price we’ve ever seen it. It’s our pick for the best budget coffee maker you can buy, and it’s all of $92 right now. — Will Price

Buy Now: $132 $94


Dainese Misano D-Air Perforated Jacket
Save 48%: In case you hadn’t figured it out yet, motorcycles aren’t as safe as cars. No matter how much defensive and proactive riding we do, life on two wheels out on the open road is inherently more dangerous than driving. The best thing motorcycle riders can do to keep themselves safe, then, is wear the right gear — an armored jacket, pants, boots and gloves — to stave off possible injury.

Even then, though, it’s always not enough. Seat belts just aren’t an option on a bike…but these days, airbags can be. Dainese took a giant leap forward with its top-of-the-line riding gear incorporating the D-Air system. And right now, you can get the Misano D-Air Perforated Jacket for $700 less than it normally costs.

Using a wireless airbag system, microprocessor, internal sensors and a GPS system, a D-Air equipped jacket can determine if an accident is imminent and deploy extra protection in less than 15 milliseconds to protect the riders shoulders, collarbone and body. The inflated airbags will also mitigate helmet roll in an accident, keeping your lid from making direct contact with the collarbone. It’s a technology only top-level MotoGP riders and racers had access to until recently, but now it’s available for street riding…and right now, it’s 41% off. — Bryan Campbell

Buy Now: $1,700 $1,000

A Giant Sale on Some of the Best Cool Motorcycle Helmets
Save Up to 53%: If you’re reading this, odds are good you know we here at Gear Patrol are always looking out for you motorcycle riders out there — and your heads in particular. Well, so are the fine folks at Revzilla by offering a bunch of great helmets at low prices in their closeout sale. With deals on some of the coolest-looking helmets from great brands like Schuberth, Bell and Arai, this is a sale you won’t want to miss. — Peter Corn

Shop the Sale: Here

Outdoors and Fitness

Fjallraven Vidda Pro Trouser
Save $75: We are big fans of Swedish brand Fjallraven’s quality in general, but we are especially stoked when we can score it at a deep discount. And right now, the brand’s Vidda Pro Trouser is a whopping 50% off at Backcountry, dropping the price from $150 to $75. Thanks to a tough, water-resistant fabric, reinforced knees and several smart pockets, they are perfect for tackling any outdoor work, hiking or camping. The only hangup? The sale only applies to a limited range of colors and styles, so you’ll have to hunt and hope. But hey, if you happen to be, say, a size 29 and are simply mad for “Dark Olive,” head on over to Backcountry right now. — Steve Mazzucchi

Buy Now: $150 $75

Au Sabot L’Armor
Save 50%: Au Sabot’s sheepsfoot knife references sailors though, not shepherds — specifically, 19th Century sailors embarking from England with a similar looking tool called The London. Characterized by a straight cutting edge and a spine that curves down to meet it at the point, sheepsfoot blades were ideal for seamen because the wide angle of the point helps prevent accidental puncture while, say, working on rigging while floating on an undulating ocean. The flat edge is ideal for slicing and straightforward cutting tasks. Sheepsfoot knives are practical by design, a fact that hasn’t changed in over two hundred years — today, the shape is often favored by emergency response teams.

Au Sabot’s L’Armor pocket knife still has that function at its heart, but it adds an appropriate amount of flair too. The four-inch blade is made of Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel, a well-rounded Swedish steel known for its hardness and toughness (it’s often used to make ice skate blades) and is available with handles made of palo santo and olive. Both are currently available at Huckberry at a 50 percent discount.
— Tanner Bowden

Buy Now: $60 $30

Puma Gym Essentials Sale
Save 40% Fall is the perfect time to re-invigorate your goals — especially the fitness ones. Whether or not you’re going back to school, there’s a can-do vibe in the air that jump-starts any previously tabled resolutions. If going to the gym or working out more is one of them, Puma’s 40 percent off sale is the perfect reason to get going. Save on sleek gym sneakers like the Puma Cell Ultimate Knit Training Shoes as well as sweat pants and tees. Shop the entire sale on eBay today. — Meg Lappe

Buy Now: Here

All the Best Gear for Fall Hiking Is on Sale
Save up to 50%: Everything you need to take in the changing of the seasons is up to 50 percent off. — Tanner Bowden

Learn More: Here

Eddie Bauer Summer Sale
Save 50%: In 2017, Eddie Bauer released its EverTherm Down Jacket and changed our perception of what down can look like. Rather than a horde of tiny feathers stuffed into horizontal baffles, EverTherm’s insulation is arranged in fabric-like sheets called Thindown. The construction prevents the need for that quilted look but also eliminates cold spots created by stitching, producing more warmth for less weight.

The EverTherm’s innovation was undeniable on paper, and when we put the jacket to the test, we found that it wasn’t all marketing jargon. The coat is impressive, and it’s certainly worthy of use in the mountains and around town, too, considering the lack of baffles makes it look less technical than most down jackets, which could be a boon to city-dwellers. For these reasons, we named it one of the best of the year and included it in our guide to the Best Down Jackets.

The EverTherm is only in its third season, but with Eddie Bauer’s current sale you can snag it for 50 percent off. If you need a down jacket for the inevitable cold of fall and winter, the EverTherm is a great option to consider.

To activate the discount, enter the code SUNBEAM at checkout. — Tanner Bowden

Buy Now: $299 $115

BioLite Emergency Prep Kits
Save up to $75: Emergency preparedness is no joke, but taking it seriously doesn’t mean you need to dig a concrete bunker in your backyard. Beyond a plan of action, it’s smart to have a few essential items stashed away in a known place. BioLite is removing the guesswork from creating that gear list with its new Prep Kits, which cover light, power and drinking water for different living situations (there’s a solo kit, an apartment kit, and a family home kit).

The Prep Kits are essentially BioLite product bundles that bring together its HeadLamp, SunLight, and SolarHome with LifeStraw’s portable water filtration systems. In doing that, the company is cutting the total cost of these individual products by 15 percent, which levels out the family kit by $75. All together, these items are still small, highly stashable and efficiently provide survival basics should the power and water go out. — Tanner Bowden

Buy Now: $130+


Nike Air Max 1 Premium Sneaker
Save 50%: Whether you’re off to college or are just back at work after a long weekend, now’s the perfect time to pick up a new pair of shoes for fall. Currently at Nordstrom, you can save 50 percent on a pair of Nike Air Max 1 sneakers. That means the tonal off-white style is just $65 while supplies last, so don’t wait — these will be gone before you know it. — John Zientek

Learn More: Here

Lucchese Boots
Save up to 48%: Founded in 1883, Lucchese makes some of the finest boots in America. Originally based in San Antonio, the company moved to its current headquarters in El Paso in 1987. The brand has since outsourced some of its entry-level production to Mexico, but it still makes a range of top-tier boots in America. Shoppers new to Lucchese should note that the high prices rightly reflect the quality materials and domestic craftsmanship.

If you’ve been jonesing for a pair of Lucchese boots but haven’t wanted to pay list price, head over to Zappos. You can save up to 48 percent on a range of American-made styles including cowboy boots, Chelsea boots and more. There are plenty of sizes and colors available, so browse the selection and see what catches your eye — it’s hard to beat the quality and finishing of Lucchese boots. — John Zientek

Learn More: Here

The Best Backpacks at Nordstrom’s Summer Sale
Save up to 40%: Now at Nordstrom’s Summer Sale, you can save up to 40 percent on a great selection of backpacks. Choose options from Tumi, Chrome, Barbour and more — from compact, packable bags to waterproof, rolltop packs, there’s something for everyone. Prices start at $53, so act fast. — John Zientek

Learn More: Here



Timex X Todd Snyder Blackjack Watch
Save 50%: Todd Snyder’s access to the Timex archives has resulted in all sorts of cool collaborations over the past few years, but the updated versions of the once-obscure “Sprite” models from the 1970s have proven so be some of our favorites. We were enthusiastic about the “Blackjack” watch when it first debuted, but in case you need a refresher, this is a sleek, automotive-inspired timepiece with cool “roulette wheel” dial done up in black and white, a black-finished case, 50m of water resistance, a quartz movement and a black Nato strap. The watch generally retails for only $138, but right now, you can nab it for just $69, a 50% savings. — Oren Hartov

Buy Now: $138 $69

Marathon Military Watches
Save 25%: Marathon is a Canadian company making some badass military watches, many of which have seen action with Canadian, U.S. and other armed forces over the years. Right now three of their watches are on sale on Huckberry, including the Medium Divers Quartz (TSAR) in 36mm; the General Purpose Quartz in 39mm; and the Search and Rescue Medium Diver’s Automatic (GSAR) in 36mm. If you’re looking for a medium-sized dive watch, both the quartz and automatic models are serious tools and highly comfortable, and if a simple field watch will do the trick, the General Purpose Quartz is all you need. — Oren Hartov

Learn More: Here

Martenero Kerrison
Save 25%: NYC-based Martenero makes awesome, affordable mechanical watches, of which the Kerrison is one. A dress watch in the guise of a steel tool watch, the Kerrison can be dressed up or down, and features a 42mm case with exhibition case back, 50m of water resistance, a high quality leather strap handmade in the USA, and the Japanese-made Miyota 9015, which features 42 hours of power reserve and a date complication.

Normally $595, two versions of the Kerrison are currently available for $447 on Huckberry, a 25% savings. What’s more, the Kerrison is covered by Martenero’s 2-year warranty. — Oren Hartov

Buy Now: $595 $447

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