oHHo Wants to Show You That Not All CBD Is the Same

Not all CBD tastes the same. Like wine or coffee, its regional origin matters.



We are all going through a rather stressful time — but instead of thinking about that you should think about some quality CBD from oHHo. The brand produces an all-natural, sustainably-sourced, full-spectrum CBD oil that you need in your life. Its consumers have noted that oHHo’s CBD has helped with a range of aches and pains and trouble sleeping. But not all CBD is created equal, that’s why oHHo approaches CBD like you would wine or coffee, looking to different regional producers for unique taste profiles — sourcing from New York to Colorado. With oHHo, you can build your CBD tastes and hopefully focus on something other than the headlines. Plus, right now you can take 30 percent off your entire order when you enter the code GP30 at checkout.

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