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7 Kettle Bells in 1


I laughed, I cried, I cheered.

No, I wasn’t watching an Academy Award winning film, I was participating in my first entirely kettle bell focused workout. Allow me to elaborate.

I laughed when the rep from Weider told me that their Powerbell (an adjustable weight kettle bell) was more than enough to provide a rigorous total body workout.  I cried when I realized I was only halfway through said workout and my body was in the hurt box.  I cheered, euphorically and somewhat pathetically, when the DVD instructor told me I was finished.

Read on for my full review.

I shouldn’t have been so skeptical; after all if kettle bell workouts were good enough for the Spartans from 300 then it’s probably adequate for my humble workout desires.  The problem with kettle bells is that you need to invest in several to provide enough weight options to cover a broad range of exercises.  And that can get prohibitively expensive.  Weider has taken this into consideration when they came up with the Powerbell.  Available in 20 and 40 pound units the Powerbell is comprised of a base unit with removable plates.  The benefit is that a Powerbell functions as 7 kettle bells in one.  As an example the 20 lb Powerbell covers 5 to 20 pounds in 2.5 pound increments.  For anyone looking to build or add to a home gym, purchasing and storing 7 kettle bells seems a little much.  I’m able to manage mine in a Manhattan apt, so I’m confident saying that it should work anywhere.

“The benefit is that a Powerbell functions as 7 kettle bells in one.”

As for working out with kettle bells, count me in.  Standard push/pull weight training is great, but it can’t engage and challenge your body like the twisting, level changing, and core busting moves a kettle bell can accommodate.  I was very impressed by the depth and variety of exercises available to kettle bells.  They bridge both spectrums of the fitness world.  Those who love to lift and those who don’t (or are afraid to) and can create amazing total body routines.


Cost: $120 20 lb Powerbell | $250 40 lb Powerbell

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