This Gym Bag Is Perfect for All Your Workout Essentials

The Gym Bro Bag Lite by Flag Nor Fail helps you carry everything you need and nothing that you don't.

flag nor fail
Flag Nor Fail

A great gym bag is essential for your workouts, carrying all the necessary gear to help keep you in shape. But not all gym bags are created equal — some are clunky, overly thought-out and, well, kind of dorky. If you’re looking for a simple yet efficient bag, check out the Gym Bro Bag Lite by Flag Nor Fail. It takes on a minimal approach for the on-the-go gym-goer, is built with water-resistant material and features a lifting belt holder. And after your workout, easily separate your sweaty clothes from the rest of your essentials with its two compartments to keep you organized. In other words, the bag is perfect for maximizing your gains — carrying everything you need and nothing you don’t.

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