Still Nervous About Going Back to the Gym? Consider This Connected Home Setup Instead

There's another connected at-home fitness apparatus in town, and it's nothing like Peloton.

a home gym machine with a large screen

Gyms are beginning to open up again, but findings from a recent survey reveal that almost half of all members won't go back when they do. People haven't quit exercising though; they're merely doing it in other places — Peloton's record subscriber numbers (and stock prices) are proof. Yet one problem with Peloton and the rest of the new breed of at-home connected fitness machines is precisely that they are attached to your home. Rising digital fitness brand Jaxjox aims to change that with its new InteractiveStudio.

Like other machines, the InteractiveStudio pairs gym equipment with a big (43-inch), glossy touchscreen, onto which beams a real (recorded) trainer who can guide you through a workout of your choice, for a fee. That's $39 per month, which seems to be the going rate; Peloton, Mirror and Tempo subscriptions cost the same.

The machine's components, however, are less familiar. In addition to a digital foam roller and adjustable kettlebell, both of which predate the InteractiveStudio in Jaxjox's ecosystem, there's a new set of adjustable dumbbells and a pushup trainer. Jaxjox designed each tool to count reps, sets and time, and some even provide feedback on form. All data accumulates into an algorithm that spits out your FitnessIQ score, via an app, to keep you informed of your progress.

As connected as all that sounds, each piece of equipment in the InteractiveStudio is portable. Bring the dumbbells out to the yard, or throw the foam roller into a track bag. They don't require the stand, screen nor subscription for use, enabling this at-home fitness machine to function beyond those confines.

The Jaxjox InteractiveStudio is available for preorder now with expected delivery in November for $2,199. The KettlebellConnect 2.0 ($229), Foam RollerConnect ($99) and DumbbellConnect ($449) are available now, and the Push UpConnect ($100) will be available in mid-November. If you do purchase any of these individual items and decide to pick up the full studio setup later, you'll be able to do so without having to pay for duplicate items.

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