Peloton Was Already Revolutionary — Now It Actually Revolves

All it took was a twist to lift the new Peloton Bike+ to a whole other level.

peloton bike

You don't have to reinvent the wheel. It's an old adage, but it still holds true, especially when the wheel you're starting with is Peloton, which has already revolutionized home fitness. So when it came time to launch an update, the brand wisely focused on little improvements... and still hit upon one change that could be massive. See, that 24-inch HD touchscreen from which your workouts emanate now rotates.

Minor tweak, right? Except that it allows you to dismount the bike to more seamlessly tackle other types of Peloton routines, like strength, yoga, stretching and meditation. This shift not only delights core users but also opens up the bike's appeal to those who never dreamed of pedaling toward fitness.

peloton bike

There are other changes, too, including a new hi-fi four-speaker sound system, the ability to pair with your Apple Watch to sync metrics like your heart rate with your routine and another cool, potentially game-changing feature: the Auto-follow digital resistance system remembers your target metrics and changes the resistance based on instructor guidance, so you don't even have to tap a button when she pushes you to work harder.

A new, much-requested Bike Bootcamp format is also coming, as is a revamped treadmill. (Weirdly, the new treadmill is called the Peloton Tread, while the original is now called Peloton Tread+).

The new Peloton Bike+ becomes available tomorrow for $2,495. The price of the original Peloton will drop to $1,895. Both products come with a 30-day home trial period, after which an all-access Peloton membership is $39 per month.

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