Roark's New Collection Is Running Ready

Roark's new Run Amok collection is perfect for putting in mile after mile.

roark run amok

Imagine it with us: it’s a fresh morning next spring. The world is a different place — a little brighter, a little less scary, perhaps. You slip on your pair of Roark Run Amok: Alta 5” running shorts with 4-way stretch nylon and a moisture-wicking brief liner. Couple bucks for a coffee in the back zipper pocket, gel pouch stowed in its specialized pocket to avoid a bonk. Up top, you throw on your Roark Run Amok: Mathis Freedom and Chaos long sleeve, replete with Moroccan-inspired hand-drawn graphics and tech like DriRelease, Polartec and featherlight four-way stretch. Shoes on. Step out the door. Take a deep breath. Get after it. With Roark's Run Amok collection, which offers a unique perspective on trail running and activewear, it’s gonna be a great day.


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