Three Pieces of FOCO Gear to Get Your Sports Fix on This Winter

FOCO has been making quality, affordable, officially licensed gear for fans of professional sports since 1998.

foco sports products

FOCO gets fandom — the 4-in-the-morning-tailgating-prep kind, the checking-social-media-for-trade-rumors kind, the gotta-rep-my-squad kind. They’ve been making quality, affordable, officially licensed gear and apparel for fans of the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, college sports and more since 1998. And it’s not just the obvious stuff like tees, caps and sweats. With a huge range of fan gear available, from logoed slippers to bobbleheads to Christmas tree ornaments (plus bikinis, flags, totes, masks and straw hats, to boot), FOCO’s team ensures you can find the perfect gift for the fan in your life. (Or yourself.)

foco sports gear


Add a hood to your favorite gaiter. The gaiter is the perfect piece of apparel for this winter: perfect for keeping your face warm while also providing some coverage for your nose and mouth. FOCO added a warm hood to the mix with its latest experiment: the hooded gaiter, complete with warm interior fleece that’s soft and breathable.


The comfiest hoodie ever. Hoodies are comfortable enough, you say? Au contraire. FOCO’s Hoodeez are built for lazy days on the couch, with extra-soft sherpa material on the inside, and built one-size-fits-all for that extra-room feel. And good news for superstitious fans: because they’re reversible, you can turn it inside out to turn things around when your team’s playing badly.


Make your home home turf. FOCO’s thematic team-colored wall signs come in dozens of styles. Included hangers make putting them up easy, and they’re made of wood and metal that should last through a few championships, at least.


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