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This High-Tech Product Brings Pro-Level Recovery to the Rest of Us — and It's on Sale

Therabody has slashed the price of the RecoveryAir, compression boots that help you bounce back faster, by $300.

therabody recoveryair

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A decade ago, the notion of everyday athletes using their own percussion massage guns to soothe sore muscles probably seemed outrageous. Since then, however, products like Theragun have made it a reality — which is why, when the people behind that gadget make another elite recovery technique more accessible, we're inclined to trust them.

Therabody RecoveryAir PRO System Gen 1
Therabody therabody.com

And that's exactly what Therabody has done with RecoveryAir Pro — medical-grade boots designed to reduce muscle fatigue and inflammation and increase overall circulation through clinical pneumatic compression. Better yet, as part of the brand's New Year's promotion, the boots are $300 off right now. Normally $1,299, the price is now $999 — a savings of 23 percent. Better still, the entry-level version (which is somewhat less feature-rich) — simply called the RecoveryAir — is also discounted from $699 to $499. And while these are the older models (the follow-up 2nd-generation models have recently come out), they're still great devices, especially deeply discounted.

The key phrase in action here is "intermittent sequential pneumatic compression." Putting it in layman's terms, the air chambers in the boot inflate and deflate to mimic leg muscle pump action, increasing circulation and speeding up recovery. Another feature that users may find attractive? RecoveryAir's set it and forget it functionality, which allows you to put the boots on, adjust the time and pressure, then read, watch TV and relax while they do their thing.

Therabody RecoveryAir System Gen 1
Therabody therabody.com

If you're looking to get your wellness journey off on the right foot with a new or reinvigorated fitness regimen, recovery should be a huge part of that — nearly as important as the exercise itself. And that makes this deal one not to miss, as it uses modern science and technology to kind of "hack" your body into recovering much faster than it might on its own without too much effort. But the deals surely won't last, so act quickly.


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