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Future Fitness

If you're looking to hit a personal best this summer either on the trail, pavement or in the gym, then having Future as the cornerstone of your workout routine is a must. The digital fitness platform pairs you with your very own elite coach, and is just what you need to take your workouts to the next level. With an impressive inventory of coaches ranging from former professionals to Olympic athletes, you will receive hands-on training of unparalleled quality that's tailored specifically to your goals. Future coaches can customize workout routines that are perfect for those on the go who want to maintain or build their fitness. With Future, you can enjoy your summer plans all while crushing your fitness goals.

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Future Fitness
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Future Fitness


Whether you have an hour at the gym or only 15 minutes in a hotel room to squeeze in a workout, Future coaches will customize plans tailored to your schedule and your setup. In the app, you can easily add travel dates or other events on your calendar that your coach will plan for.


A membership with Future includes an Apple Watch that syncs to the Future app, allowing you to track your activity and share it automatically. So, even though your coach won't physically be in the room with you, they will be able to provide detailed feedback on each workout.

1:1 Relationship

With Future, you can expect daily text messages from your coach — they frequently check-in and make sure you’ve made time for your workout that day or week. Your coach is also making constant adjustments based on how you're feeling and progressing, while also calibrating based on feedback that you provide to them.

Gear Patrol readers can try their first month of Future for just $19, simply click through at the link below.

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