Getting the Most In-Depth Fitness Data Available Just Got Easier

InsideTracker has teamed up with Garmin to create wellness programs for blood, DNA and fitness tracking.

inside tracker app
Inside Tracker

Feeling your best means taking care of yourself on the inside and out. That concept just got a lot easier thanks to InsideTracker's new partnership with Garmin. The collaboration of these two powerhouses in the wellness space means you will receive a full 360-degree view of your health. Using daily activity metrics from Garmin, along with blood biomarkers and DNA insights from InsideTracker, you will receive recommendations that are more personalized, precise and effective. Whether you need to increase your sleep or up your magnesium intake, you will be able to pinpoint specific changes to meet your wellness goals. Get started on the path to your best self yet by signing up below — use code RUNGARMIN and receive a free Garmin Vivoactive 4 with the purchase of an Ultimate plan.

Price: $589


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