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Thrifters Rejoice: Lululemon Rolls Out a Like-New Resale Program

You can now trade in used Lululemon gear and shop revived favorites in the brand's latest effort in sustainable purchasing.

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This story is part of Gear Patrol’s continuing look at different approaches to sustainability, leading up to Earth Day on April 22nd.

We all love a fresh new fit, but sometimes the price tags can get in the way. And with prices on everything from bread to subscription services – we're not even going to mention gas – skyrocketing, it's tough to justify what's a necessary expenditure anymore.

To keep style alive, reseller platforms have provided a great outlet for shoppers wanting to get off a new look at a fraction of the price. These platforms like depop and eBay aren't just for the thrifty at heart. Purchasing clothing from these platforms can help extend a garment's life, keeping them in our wardrobes and out of the landfills longer.

Capitalizing on the reseller boom – and giving our wallets a well-deserved break – Lululemon has rolled out its "Like New" resale platform nationwide. This program allows you to trade in your gently-used Lululemon gear in exchange for a gift card and also creates an online library where you can find revived essentials to purchase. The national unveiling is Lululemon's latest effort in sustainability as they work toward its ultimate goal of making 100 percent of products with sustainable materials and end-of-use solutions by 2030.

How does Lululemon's Like New program work?

First tested in Texas and California in 2021, Like New uses a circular business model where shoppers trade in their gently worn Lululemon gear at any of the brand's U.S. retail stores. The rate is determined by what you trade in:

  • $5 for tank tops, shirts, shorts and skirts
  • $10 for hoodies, sweatshirts, sweaters, pants, crops, leggings, dresses and bags
  • $25 for outerwear

    (Note: perhaps unsurprisingly, items like accessories, yoga props, intimates, collaborations, swimsuits and more are not acceptable for trade-in.)

    Next, Lululemon takes the garments and revives them to ensure they're ready for reselling. This step adds some trustworthiness to the re-commerce platform, giving us that sense of confidence in what you're buying is authentic and quality-assured.

    Finally, Lululemon lists its pre-worn gear on the Like New page, sorting pieces by either “good as new” or “gently used."

    How to shop Lululemon's Like New platform

    In celebration of Earth Day, Lululemon has launched the Like New site where shoppers can now comb through the lightly-used picks. Choose from a mix of available tops and bottoms – including some Pace Maker Shorts that made the cut of our best gym shorts – and well below retail pricing.

    This move caters to the eco-conscious and budget-conscious, and it looks to be a positive edition to the athletic wear behemoth.


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