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Liteboxer Go Lets You Bring the Boxing Ring Anywhere You Travel

The on-the-go shadowboxing tool allows you to get a calorie-burning session in wherever, whenever, at a fraction of the cost.

man working out with the liteboxer go

It's time to kick up your cardio. Combat-related training can be a great way to boost your fitness regimen. Disciplines like boxing can help you propel your agility and cardiovascular endurance to a whole new weight class.

For those of us constantly on-the-go, however, tracking down a dedicated boxing gym can be a daunting task on the road. And let's face it, lugging around a pair of boxing gloves or a bag is sort of out of the question.

Well, stepping into the figurative ring just got a little easier, thanks to the latest innovation from Liteboxer. The all-new Liteboxer Go uses punch-tracking sensors that strap around your wrist for an effective shadowboxing session — wherever, whenever.

"I'm pumped to finally bring Liteboxer Go to the masses as a premium at-home workout experience that can be done from anywhere," says Liteboxer co-founder and CEO Jeff Morin. "As I look into the future of at-home fitness, I truly believe that it's vital to ensure everyone can affordably work out at home or on the go with world-class trainers, chart-topping music and a community-led platform for less than they would spend at the gym."

Liteboxer Go is a simple way to punch up your training

Rather than strapping up a pair of gloves or finding a bag to swing on, shadowboxing requires little-to-no equipment, yet still provides a worthwhile training experience. You can burn up to 300 calories in just 30 minutes with a hard-nosed shadowboxing session.

Liteboxer Go harnesses that simple training potential by using two wrist sensors to track your punches as you bob and weave through your workout. Simply connect the sensors to your tablet or smartphone and unlock a whole new way to train. Morin also notes that the Liteboxer app is Roku-compatible, so you can train conveniently through your at-home or hotel room tv screen, too.

liteboxer go on hands
man working out with the liteboxer go

Don't have the slightest clue on how to shadowbox? Despite the compact profile, the Liteboxer Go gives you heavyweight levels of training opportunity through the brand's library of over 200 daily-dropped, trainer-led workouts included in the app. Choose from mitt drills, sparring sessions, music-driven Punch Tracks and more.

Even more appealing, there's no heavy up-front cost to the Liteboxer Go. Just sign up for your monthly subscription — $18.99 per month for one month, $15.99 per month for 12 months or $13.99 per month for 24 months — and land your punches with the guidance you need. The Liteboxer Go hardware costs $100, and for a limited time, users can get the kit free with 12-month or 24-month subscriptions.

Editor's Note: According to the brand, current Liteboxer hardware and VR subscribers will only need to purchase the Go hardware package. No additional membership costs are necessary to take your training on the road with you.

Move to the beat with Rhythm Technology

Whether you're working out during your business trip or from the comforts of your own home, Liteboxer Go can provide the perfect training playlist using the brand's patented Rhythm Technology. Synching full-body and beat-based workouts with Universal Music Group, you can punch, jab and swing your way through a challenging session, fueled by your favorite artists.

Also available with Liteboxer's Hardware and VR models, Rhythm Technology allows you to find your flow to the beat of your top tracks, choreographing your training to the tune of your go-to songs. The LED lights radiate from the six targets, telling you where and when to punch, all synced to the music. Chart-topping hits guiding your hits? What's more to like?

Where to get Liteboxer Go

Starting today, the Liteboxer Go kit is available online at the aforementioned monthly subscription and hardware prices. Once subscribed, you receive one pair of Liteboxer Go sensors, wrist straps, a convenient tablet stand and carrying case. Additionally, first-time purchasers will also receive two standard one-pound egg weights to up the ante with your shadowboxing routine.

Whether on-the-go or just looking to punch up your training, Liteboxer Go looks to be a compact, effective tool to unlock an immersive workout experience.


Liteboxer Go

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