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NordicTrack's Elite Treadmill Lineup Is Here to Power Up Your Running

This connected treadmill showcases NordicTrack's best, with a massive HD screen and up to 40 degrees of incline.

nordictrack elite treadmill

Let's face it, running on a treadmill can quickly turn into running on a hamster wheel without the proper stimulation. Sure, you're progressing toward fitness success in the comfort of your abode, but the training can lack the snap or pizazz of other, more connected workouts.

NordicTrack, with its lineup of connected treadmills and home gym essentials, has kicked boredom to the curb when it comes to indoor running, offering a number of high-tech treadmills that immerse you in a training regimen that's active, inviting and fun.

Their impressive stable just grew a little, too, with the brand's all-new Elite Treadmill Series. Boasting key upgrades that balance inclusion and function, these best-of-the-best treadmills are premium quality at a premium price point. Here's what we know about these fresh running machines.

The NordicTrack Elite packs a massive HD screen

If there's one thing this all-new home gym equipment doesn't lack, it's a clear picture. The Elite Treadmill is available with a 32-inch HD touchscreen, allowing you to immerse yourself in the iFit digital library of live and on-demand classes — of which you get the NordicTrack-standard 30-day free trial.

The gargantuan monitor also pivots, which can be great for those off-the-treadmill workouts without any unnecessary gear. Take part in your favorite yoga, HIIT, barre or other classes and take your training beyond cardio. The screen also features an improved positioning to align better with your natural line of sight for a more comfortable viewing experience.

If you prefer a smaller screen — or just want to be able to easily distinguish your treadmill from your television — NordicTrack also launched the Elite Series in a smaller 22-inch screen. This compact display still holds all the workout-ready perks of the larger frame, but at a cheaper, more wallet-friendly cost.

The Elite Series packs an industry-best range of incline

Training at an incline can help burn more calories and better mimic on-road training. To give a more real-world feel, the NordicTrack Elite allows for up to 40 degrees of incline, which according to the brand, you won't find anywhere else. Along with up to -5 degrees of decline, this range puts a new spin on "runner's high."

The impressive range also utilizes the brand's auto-adjust technology, so there's no need to fuss with settings when you're zoned in on a class or session. As the instructor navigates you through your training, the deck raises and lowers according to the on-screen terrain or callouts.

Thoughtful upgrades don't come cheap with the NordicTrack Elite

At nearly $4,500 for the 32-inch model, the NordicTrack Elite is easily the most expensive treadmill in the brand's stable and one of the most costly examples of home fitness equipment out there. But, if you want to make a premium investment in your at-home fitness regimen, the updates made could be worth your coin.

Editor's note: The 22-inch NordicTrack Elite comes in at roughly $500 less than the 32-inch model, so there are options to saving some cash while still getting the brand's halo silhouette.

NordicTrack Elite Treadmill

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