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Form Swim’s Smart Goggles Will Help You Optimize Your Laps

The all-new feature allows you to personalize your swim workouts and follow along with Form's in-goggle, real-time metrics and instructions.

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Swimming can be an effective fitness activity, and with August's heat still raging, there's nothing quite as enjoyable as cooling off with a few laps. Like any proper training regimen, though, tracking your workout is essential to monitor your progress, and let's face it, popping your head out of the water to look at a watch — or worse, trying to decipher a soggy paperback workout log — can lead to plenty of workout frustrations.

Form, makers of some of our favorite smart swim goggles, take the distraction out of your laps, using in-goggle real-time metrics to let you paddle your way toward progress. The brand's companion app tracks plenty of statistics and even allows for guided training through its library of workouts and plans.

In response to plenty of athlete feedback, Form has launched Workout Builder, the latest feature allowing you to customize your workouts and plans to your specific needs. Now, you're able to get even more out of your laps and wall turns, combining the smart swim accessories with training that's tailored to you.

"Workouts raised the bar for how motivating and fun a swim could be, but was limited to our workouts," says Form's Vice President of Product, Paul Hossack. "No matter where you get your workouts, Workout Builder is another key step in our journey to help you become a better swimmer and love this great sport even more."

Workout Builder Opens the Book for Unlimited Swimming Opportunities

Whether you've logged hundreds of laps or just getting started, Workout Builder allows for complete customization when it comes to your training routine. If you know what you need to accomplish in the pool — or have a favorite regimen from your swim coach — simply input the workout and fine-tune the program with subsets including distance, stroke, effort level, drills and equipment.

If you're already loving the available Form workouts but want to dial in your metrics, Workout Builder also allows you to customize the over 1,000 coach-designed workouts already available in the app. Change subsets, rest time, equipment, drills and more to suit your needs for an even more worthwhile experience in the water.

It should be noted, though, that custom workouts will follow Form's drill abbreviations, as well as the brand's effort scale. According to Form, users will be able to choose Kick, One-Arm, Closed Fist, 6-Kick Switch and Side-Kick drills in accordance with the 5-level scale: Easy, Moderate, Strong, Fast and Max. For those following RPE, zones or other effort scales, visit the brand's Effort Scale chart.

person swimming in pool

Workout Builder Leverages the Best Form's Smart Goggles Have to Offer

Once you've constructed your perfect swim workout, the next step is to sync it to your Smart Swim Goggles. From there, the only thing you need to be focused on is your swim performance. Your goggles will tell you what to do, when to swim, when to rest and what effort level you should swim at.

Having your metrics and data seamlessly presented in-goggle can allow for better focus and on-the-fly adjustments according to your plan and effort. Additionally, if your workouts are in your goggles, you don't need to halt your laps or pause momentarily to track your progress.

Where to Get Form Smart Swim Goggles

Form Smart Swim Goggles are available online and included with Form's membership service. Prices range from $24 per month to $228 annually. According to the brand, the all-new Workout Builder feature is now available in the companion app, with upcoming upgrades for even more personalization down the road.

Form made a splash with us before, bringing connected fitness to the water. Now, with the option to customize your swimming workouts, the brand has clearly taken the lead when it comes to essential swim training gear.

Form Smart Swim Goggles
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