One Simple Feature Makes These Sport Sunglasses Better than the Rest

Alba Optics makes some of the sleekest and highest performing sunglasses in the cycling world. Its third frame just dropped.


You’re pedaling hard to get up over that final hill of your ride, breathing heavy and squinting up into the sun. As you plateau and start to descend, you realize in a panic that the sun is now blinding you, forcing you to tap the brakes. A pair of performance sunglasses is the solution to that problem. Alba Optics’ dropped its latest sports frame, the Stratos to provide you uninhibited field of vision, and one free of fog, thanks to one simple feature.

The S-Lens VZUM on the Stratos is the newest lens from Alba Optic, and it features a small vent above the bridge that allows just the right amount of airflow — they’ll resist fog despite heavy breathing on climbs. The lens also features UV400 protection, so your eyes are safe from both UVA and UVB radiation. Each frame is incredibly lightweight (just 24 grams, basically the same as an AA battery) and handmade in Italy.

Buy Now: ~$180

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