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Nike+ FuelBand

Monitor your movements, compete against the world


Nike has finally decided to compete directly with startups like Fitbit to help consumers keep track of how much energy they’re burning throughout the day. To do it, the sports leviathan first had to develop a consistent measuring stick for comparing various activities (and people) head to head. So-called NikeFuel is the metric they came up with, although the device also tracks steps, calories, and time. The Nike+ FuelBand bracelet tracks a user’s NikeFuel via oxygen kinetics, which helps the band distinguish between intense periods of activities v. schluming around a desk. If oxygen kinetics sounds like mumbo jumbo, we don’t blame you, but it is a legitimate area of sports science that assesses the dynamic behaviour of O2 uptake in the human body during the transition from rest to exercise.

Inside the wristband is a battery good for four-days of activity, plus a built in USB connection as well as Bluetooth for wirelessly syncing with a phone. On the outside, 20 color-coded LED lights are designed to alert users how close they are to meeting their daily NikeFuel target score, which resets at midnight everyday. By collecting this information on a routine basis, Nike expects the system to help motivate consumers to live more active lifestyle, by comparing their score to friends using the mobile app or desktop software, as well as the FuelBand community at large. Available for pre-order now for $149, there’s no mention yet of when this new-fangled exercise conscience will arrive at your door.

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