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Rogue Canada

Sometimes, the smallest tweaks provide the biggest results. This is the promise made by Fat Gripz ($39), a deceptively simple yet tremendously effective piece of training gear that allows anyone to easily widen the circumference of any barbell, dumbbell, chin-up bar and cable handles, thus strengthening one’s grip. The premise this operates on is, again, elementary yet powerful: You can only be as strong as your weakest link. Arms are used in the majority of upper body exercises and are more often than not the first ones to tire and give out.

Don’t believe us? Try performing pull-ups and note that your grip, not your back muscles will be the first to give way. Thicker bars require considerably more effort to hold than thinner ones, and are more inclined to help strengthen your forearm muscles. Fat Gripz are a convenient solution to this problem. Made from military-grade high density compound, these are made to last and can be effortlessly carried anywhere. Add them to your workout routine and in a couple of months, you’ll be ready to give Stallone a run for his money in the Over the Top sequel.

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