Meat, Eggs and Bread at Il Buco Alimentari

At Il Buco Alimentari, the order is loud and clear: eggs al forno, a breakfast sandwich, porchetta and eggs, and a bombolone.

8:47 a.m., ET | Jones and Bowery, Manhattan – Decadence is not a word for mornings. The day begins reserved; loud noises are shunned; light creeps up cautiously. Il Buco Alimentari does not know this, though, and they serve breakfast as they would the later meals — in full brilliance of flavor. Eggs al forno with luscious swirls of prosciutto sit in a bath of olive oil and egg. Porchetta drips fat. The breakfast sandwich explodes with yoke. Even the street of Il Buco is awake. Construction rings out; an engine returns to the firehouse across the way.

This is full alert breakfast — loud, bold flavors, plenty of meat, lots of fat. The bombolone, with blood orange and strawberry jam, is not a pastry, it’s a jelly donut. Il Buco cures meat and bakes bread in house. That’s what they do, that’s what you’re served. It’s loud, bold, decadent and impossible to resist.

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