The Apple Pan | A Los Angeles Icon

Pies, Since 1947


Somewhat obscured by the greater West Los Angeles area itself, the Apple Pan is a relic of mid-century Los Angeles. From its 25 seat diner motif right down to it’s metal Lily Cup drink holders, little has changed since it opened in 1947. For the record, that’s a good thing.


Los Angelenos know of The Apple Pan. Some may chide it for it’s refusal to go chic or “modern”, but others adore it for its quaintness. It’s essentially a small wooden house surrounded by the modern buildings that litter West LA.

The paper hat & smock garbed waitstaff and cooks are somewhat surly men, though not as surly as your corner New York diner, as this is LA after all. Everyone sits at a counter surrounding the kitchen, and the menu is limited at best. Offered are burgers, sandwiches, fries, pies, and some drinks. But really, what else is there? The fries are golden and hearty. The burgers are like doubloons of delight (think: more homemade In-N-Out burger), clad in paper peeping out with succulent goodness. Order the burger with cheese (you should) and you’ll be greeted with Tillamook Cheddar. Follow it up with a slice of delicious Banana Cream Pie and coffee (or Buttermilk if you’ve got some Lipitor). No, this is not a Michelin star earner, but it is most certainly an appetite earner.

Hailing from New York, the land of diners and midnight pies, I’ve certainly become a fan of this LA staple. Next time you’re out in So-Cal, you’ll want to add this to your list of lazy Saturday stops.




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